Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey- January 31 (Day 31)

Wow - one full month! Today wraps up our prayers for Asia and also our first month on our journey! I hope you've been blessed and challenged by our "birds eye" view of the world and our "boat level" view of Africa, the Americas, and Asia. We'll be wrapping up the continents with Europe and the Pacific over the next few days, then beginning February 9 we'll lace up those hiking boots and get out of the boat and onto the ground, country by country through this incredible world God created.

Today, though, we want to stay focused on Asia. Please read "The Unfinished Task" on pages 69-71, then return here for our prayer time.

Did you catch how significant Asia is? Over 81% of non-Christians in the world live there ... 8 out of 10! It's also the home to the world's three largest non-Christian religions. The missions need is great here - not only for national believers but also cross-cultural believers, as there are so many unreached people groups. Asia truly exemplifies why we need "the whole church taking the whole Gospel to the whole world."

As we wrap up our time "in" Asia, let me encourage you to seek God specifically for your part in His plan for this continent. If you've been quickened by these needs, perhaps God would have you commit to praying, giving, or going to Asia. A few resources to get you started follow my prayer for today.

Lord, thank You for the progress in Asia and the outreach of the church there. But Lord, as I read these statistics I am so convicted.  The church in Asia cannot finish the task alone! We all must chip in and do our part under Your leadership to see this continent reached for You. I pray for those who are already serving and those who are being called. I pray for full obedience and faithfulness to Your truth. Lord, send laborers to the harvest in the Arab world, the Iranian-Median bloc, South Asias, Turks, East Asians, Southeast Asians, Tibet/Himalayans, and Malays. Prepare the people even now to hear the message. Let them look up at the stars and see the awesome world You created for Your glory, and begin wooing them to You. Help our churches be faithful to seek Your guidance for our role in Asia. We love You and we thank You for the heart You've given us for Asia this past week. Please guide us to be fully obedient as we walk out what Your heart for Asia should look like in our own lives. In the precious name of Jesus, amen. 

- http://www.joshuaproject.net/prayer-resources.php - Prayer calendars for the unreached in a few key areas of Asia.
- http://www.joshuaproject.net/ - Amazing research tool for digging deeper
- http://www.globaldayofprayer.com/ - Focuses on the annual event, but also includes urgent alerts and prayer points for countries on an ongoing basis
- http://www.gfa.org/pray/ - Pray with Gospel for Asia, a ministry focusing on equipping national believers.
- http://www.omf.org/ - Reaches East Asia.

Are you already part of what God is doing in Asia? If so please comment with any additional resources that you would recommend.

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