Sunday, January 22, 2012

A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - January 22 (Day 22)

Today's prayer focus flows naturally from yesterday's "Hot Spots". If you didn't get to pray yesterday, please read that emphasis first, and then move into today's focus on "Trends to Watch."

Please read "Trends to Watch" on pages 50-51, then return here for prayer.

Again, a regional focus is important for these trends. For example "immigration" is a hot topic in the United States, but until some of the larger issues of violence and economics are addresses, the movement of peoples from poorer to richer lands will always occur. Sometimes the solution of the "richer" nation is counterproductive to the regional good -- for example, accepting more educated individuals, and fewer laborers, leads to "brain drain" from the poorer nation, making long-term solutions less likely to occur there -- and leaves desperate hungry people trying to feed their families in a country without resources to help them. As we pray, let's be sure to pray for partnership approaches that will seek solution that are best for all countries involved.

My prayer for today: Lord, thank You that nothing is too difficult for You. From our perspective, when politics in one country are so volatile, it seems impossible to think that there could be solutions that are equally beneficial to multiple countries. Yet nothing is too difficult for You. Please raise up Christians who are experts in these fields who have a heart for Your glory and all Your people, Lord. The economic needs and the movement of peoples throughout the Americas are inseperable trends. We ask You for economic policies based on moral rightness and courage and against selfishness nd greed. We ask You to help the poor and marginalized, and to improve the quality of life for all. For those who are immigrating, we pray against exploitation by traffickers and for opportunities to legally meet their family needs. We pray for those who minister to immigrants to have great wisdom, discernment, and love. We pray for the political situation in these countries as well, Lord - we ask that You will guide each leader and raise up men and women who are eager to bring glimpses of Your kingdom to bear in the political realm. And Lord, we pray against anti-Christian secularism and atheism. We ask you, Lord, to give Christians boldness in the face of claims that they are intolerant. We pray for courts to equally apply the laws relating to religious freedom. Lord, we pray for You to be glorified as each of these trends is resolved in a way that advances Your kingdom. In Jesus' name, amen.

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