Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - January 3 (Day 3)

How are you doing on this journey? So far our path has been filled with beautiful scenery - the sight of answered prayers of hundreds, thousands, or more saints who have broken up fallow ground through their prayers. Today we continue to praise God for what He has already done.

Look in Operation World pages 7-10, focusing on Answers to Prayer #7-8. After you read through, come back here for our daily prayer time. I want to encourage you to treat this as you would a prayer meeting in my front room. You can respond with your prayers, thoughts, questions, etc., as a blog comment (to prevent spam moderation is turned on, so I will have to approve your post) or as a Facebook comment. My heart is for this to be an interactive time together each day! At the same time, don't feel that you can't participate if you can't comment. Just let the Lord lead you, as you join your own prayers to mine "with great earnestness and fervency" (Romans 15:30, Hammond lit. translation).

My prayer for today: Oh Lord Jesus, when You prayed for the church to be one, in John 17, you didn't restrict that to just one local church or just the church in Jerusalem. You want all Your people, all over the world, to be One in You. To be in unity, serving one Lord and having one heart and purpose. Thank You, Lord, that this doesn't mean uniformity - You are glorified in our unique expressions of worship. But God, we thank You today for how we see unity happening in the globalization of the missions movement and the collaboration of the church on a global level. Thank You, Lord, that there are entire teams of missionaries made up of non-westerners ... and that there are many teams were westerners are in the minority. Give them grace and humility, Lord. Help us learn from the missions movement from the "Global South" - let us not rush in with the answers but seek to truly be partners. Lord, thank You for the faithfulness we see from the Chinese church, following the call to take the Gospel "Back to Jerusalem". Thanks for raising our awareness of the unreached, the unengaged, and those with greatest spiritual and physical needs. Thank You for conferences and meetings that bring mission groups together around the common cause of the Gospel. Lord, help us maintain that unity. Help mission leaders to seek You when we have conflicts, because we know You have the perfect answer. Thank You for shared resources and for being able to multiple the dollars given ... and thank You for the roughly 75% of the world that has heard the Gospel. I am in awe, Lord, that You have used so many people from so many places, so that no one person or denomination or agency gets the glory. It belongs to You alone, in the name of Jesus, amen.

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Carissa said...

Father, I agree with my sister. Thank you for the unity we have in you and the way you bring your people together for your glory and renown. Thank you that there are many parts to one body, and you use each part. Would you grant us, your people, around the world, oneness is vision and purpose? Would you burn within each one of us a passion for your name and worship among all people. We look forward to that day when we stand before your throne with every nation, tounge and tribe, knowing that we played a small part in helping get those people there. We love you Lord. Amen