Saturday, June 30, 2012

Praying for India states of Maharashtra and Manipur: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey

Today we pray for a large state with much influence, and a very small state that is still very much on the heart of God. Please read pages 432-434 about Maharashtra and Manipur.

There are so many ways we can approach these prayer times. Many days as you note I simply focus on the requests listed in Operation World. Sometimes, though, our prayers can be enhanced by zeroing in on one focus group. Today, please watch this video about one of the large groups within Maharashtra, and let's pray for God to reach these unreached people who need Jesus desperately.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Praying for India states of Kerala and Madhya Pradesh: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 29

Today we pray for two more states of India, including one where the Gospel traditionally first reached India, through the apostle Thomas. Please read about Kerala and Madhya Pradesh on pages 430-431.

My prayer for today: Lord, we don't know for sure that it was Thomas who first brought the Gospel to India in Kerala state, but we do know that somehow there is a diverse group of Christans here, and we are so grateful that You have established this foothold in the most southwestern portion of the state. Lord, we cannot help but think that Kerala is highly strategic for Your kingdom purposes. We pray for renewal of the churches, for unity among the different styles of worship  and evangelistic approaches; for sensitivity among the churches; and for a common goal of being a witness to You to be put ahead of their own personal interests and preferences. We pray for believers to be freed from the spirit of caste to be able to love other believers and reach the unreached. We pray for You to call many to serve the tribals, the Muslims, and the Hindus. In Madhya Pradesh, Lord we pray for the trickle of interest in Jesus to become a stream and a river. We pray for an increase to the unity that has started and that You would be honored and glorified through their love for one another so they can reach the many needy people in this state. In Jesus' name, amen. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Praying for India states of Jharkhand and Karnataka: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 28

Today we continue our trek across India. Please read about Jharkhand and Karnataka on pages 428-429.

My prayer for today: Lord Jesus, in these Indian states we've never heard of, You are still Lord. The peoples in Jharkhand and Karnataka belong to You, Lord. We pray for healthy, sustainable development in Jharkhand. We pray for provision for the farmers. Bring appropriate amounts of rain and sun on their crops so that they can have adequate provision for their families. We pray for Christians seeking to serve the tribal groups; raise up outreach for every unengaged group. We pray for sensitivity and wisdom by evangelists. Help them know how to take into account the unique approaches and needs of each group. In Karnataka, Lord, we are grieved by the depth of spiritual need. We pray for You to break down barrier to the gospel and raise up Christians who will serve in government and challenge the anti-conversion laws. We pray for Bangalore believers to realize the opportunity facing them in Bangalore. Help them realize it is their job, not outside missionaries', to reach their city. We pray for a revival in the church and unity around the common mission of reaching their city and state. We praise You for the example of the Lingayat Christians; let their work be known by other believers throughout Karnataka and be a loving and faithful witness and challenge to them. In Jesus' name, amen.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Praying for India states of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 27

Today we continue lifting up India. Please read about Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu & Kashmir, on pages 426-428.

My prayer for today: Lord, I lift up Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir to You. As they are centers for conflict, both spiritual and political, we pray for You to bring Your peace. We pray for a breakthrough in Himachal Pradesh. Tear down the mountains named after gods. Let them see that You bring an unshakeable security, but anything else is bound for destruction. We praise You for the growth in the church; purify it and protect it from syncretism. Lord, multiply believers and equip them for ongoing ministry. We pray for wisdom for believers who are faced with the realities of anti-conversion legislation; may they be wise, loving, effective, and bold in their witness. Lord, for Jammu & Kashmir, we pray for the Muslims and the tension that has existed for centuries. We pray for You to bring a peaceful solution, We pray for the Christians to be wise and sensitive, and that You will protect and preserve new believers. We pray for laborers for the harvest of unreached. In Jesus' name, amen.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Praying for India states of Goa, Gujarat, and Haryana: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 26

Today we continue to pray for India by lifting up three more states - Goa, Gujarat, and Haryana. I encourage you to locate each state we pray for on your map on page 418 (Goa & Gujarat are on the west coast; Haryana in the west-central) and be aware of where they are located. That way if you hear of something on the news in "Northeast India" or "Southern tip of India" you'll have a reference point and can come to Operation World and review the notes about that particular state or region. Please read pages 424-426 today.

My prayer for today: Lord, we lift up the predominately Hindu states of Goa, Gujarat, and Haryana. We pray for You to call many Hindus to Yourself, and call people who have a heart for Hindus to these states specifically. We pray for Goa state, and for the Christians there to recognize the idolatry in mingling Hindu beliefs with Biblical teaching. Help them have wisdom and realize what is cultural and what is idolatry. We pray Lord for wonders who speak Konkani to feel called to serve Goa state. For Gujarat, we pray for a state government to promote true peace and the tolerance Gandhi proclaimed, by allowing religious conversion to be legal. We pray for the church that You will strengthen what remains Lord. We know that it's an oppressive environment; lift the spirits of Your people and empower them to do a profound work by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You for the church growth; we pray for a passion to reach the unreached to come from these new believers. And for Haryana, Lord, we pray for the church with its 'little strength' to become a strong pillar for You in India. We pray for open doors and no one can close, for faithfulness to be on mission with You. May these few reach the many as only You can work out. In Jesus' name, amen. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Praying for India states of Chhattisgarh and Delhi: A 364 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 25

Today we lift up two more Indian states. Please read about Chhattisgarh and Delhi on pages 422-423.

Throughout Operation World's section on India, you are reading about the Dalits. In Chhattisgarh, Dalits comprise a large proportion of the population. The video below, from Gospel for Asia, will shed insight into what God is doing among the Dalits. This is an amazing example of a people group movement - a people group who decided to change religions and got together to explore options. Many chose Christianity on Nov. 4, 2001; many others have followed Jesus since. As noted before, it's important to pray for conversions that are true and not merely a reaction to Hinduism's caste system, but Jesus meets all of us at our point of felt need, and many who work among the Dalits believe this day was key to starting a true turning of Dalits to Christ. Learn more at

My prayer for today: Oh Lord, You never cease to amaze me. How You can use even the caste system to cause a holy dissatisfaction and turn people to You is beyond me. Thank You, Lord, for the Dalits who have come to faith and we pray for their walk with You to be strengthened. We ask You, Lord, to save those who have merely rejected Hinduism but not embraced Jesus. We pray for purity of worship and practice without any mixture of idolatry. We pray for the church in Chhattisgarh to grow and have wisdom in reaching the unreached. For Delhi, we pray for Christians to be moved to live out the Gospel among the slums. Lord, raise up holistic ministry and discipling opportunities. We love to see what You are doing Lord. Thank You for Your work and how encouraging it is to each of us. In Jesus' name, amen.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Praying for India states of Assam and Bihar: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 24

Today we pray for Assam and Bihar states in India. Please read pages 420-422.

My prayer for today: Lord, we ask for You to tear down the strongholds that keep Assam a major spiritual challenge. We pray for the minority Christian population to hold fast to what they have and to seek to be part of what You are doing. We pray for the evangelical witness to grow in effectiveness. We pray for revival, vision, and impact on society Lord. Breathe a fresh breath of Your Spirit through the congregations. Lord, empower the churches to demonstrate unity between denominations and ethnic groups. For Bihar, we pray against the poverty and ask for the Gospel to bring spiritual and economic relief to the people of India. We pray for collaboration among missionaries and missions agencies and churches. Demonstrate Your passion and love for Bihar through an outpouring of Your love through Christians. Bring laborers to the harvest. We pray for full liberty in Christ for all people in Bihar. In Jesus' name, amen.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Praying for India states of Andhra Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 23

Today we begin focusing on the states of India. As the introductory notes tell us, most of these states are far larger than the majority of nations" that we will pray for this year. Because of this, let's seek God's heart for each of these states just as we have for each country. As we noted on June 19, our first day of focused prayer for India, we have to drop our stereotypes. We're going to read about states that might not fit our preconceptions of India. That's why we need God's heart for these areas. He knows the people intimately and personally and loves their uniqueness.

Today, please read pages 418-420, Andhra & Arunachal Pradesh.

My prayer for today: Lord, we pray for Andhra Pradesh. We pray for the continued efforts to reach the Dalits to be successful, yet we ask You that the Dalits not come to faith simply as a reaction against Hindu persecution but instead truly come to know and love Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We pray for the key city of Hyderabad and the missions agencies that are based there - give them strong impact on the state and nation from this place. Protect Hyderabad from any warfare that would detract from the ministry You have placed before these organizations. We pray for more awareness by Christians of the key role Hyderabad can play in reaching Muslims in India. Lord, it seems You have placed before the church in Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad an open door of mission to these Muslims peoples; we pray that they will begin to see that door and begin to act intentionally and faithfully to bring the Gospel to them. For Arunachal Pradesh, we praise You for the church growth and ask for unity and cooperation among the different churches with different backgrounds. We pray for strength in the face of opposition and for wisdom to share Christ in gentle and appropriate ways. We pray for the removal of the anti-conversion law; let the leaders see the need for people to be able to truly have a choice in their belief system. In Jesus' name, amen.   

Friday, June 22, 2012

Praying for India A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 22

Today we conclude our general prayers for India. Please review pages 409-417.

Tomorrow we'll begin focusing on India's states. As you read God may stir your heart for a particular area or people group. Following my prayer for today, I've listed a few good resources to help you go more in-depth if you feel God awakening your heart in a special way to pray, give, or go to one of these unreached areas of India.

My prayer for today: Lord Jesus, You are the God of India. From the believers who openly worship You, to those who are hidden behind their cultural traditions, to those who seek You without yet knowing Your name, to those who have no idea of their need for You - You are Lord. India is Yours, Lord. The enemy has captured it and held it in bondage for too long. We pray today for You to release India from bondage into the truth of Your marvelous light. We pray against the spiritual forces of darkness that seek to hold India in a web of lies and a stronghold of poverty and deception. We pray for You to fulfill the harvest in India. Send people to translate Your word, people to support the Indian church, people to go to the unreached areas. Give outside agencies wisdom on working with the Indian church, and believers guidance on giving in ways that are sustainable for the churches and do not further dependency. Bring Indians who are abroad studying or working to faith in Jesus and make them strong missionaries for You. We love You Lord Jesus. Do a mighty work in India we pray, in Jesus' name, amen. 

Resources  - Look up detailed research by people group - Prayer Calendar just for India - International Mission Board's South Asia site with lots of great resources for education, prayer, and support - Focused prayer for India - Ministry solely focused on reaching Asia

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Praying for India: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 21

Today we continue to get an overview for the nation of India. Please review pages 409-417. We'll focus prayers today on #1-8.

My prayer for today: Lord, we are coming to know more of the needs of India as we study and pray. We pray for India's leaders to truly uphold the constitution by maintaining full religious freedom. We pray that there will be no levels of freedom but total freedom for people to choose and practice their own religions. We ask You to give the leaders wisdom to uproot corruption, tackle the ills of society, address the growing threats to stability, and manage the economy wisely. We know that there is the potential trap of materialism. Please keep the young people of India from falling into the deception of materialism and that their will recognize their need for You. We pray for guidance to deliver millions from poverty. Guide the government to lead people away form the caste system and show them how to truly view each other as equals. We pray especially for the sick, disabled, women, and children who suffer most under poverty. So much of this, Lord, is linked to Hinduism. To so many, to be Indian is to be Hindu, and the caste system of Hinduism often supercedes the legal rejection of caste. We pray for Christians to demonstrate a different way - to truly have a biblical, Christlike response and fully integrated churches. Tear down the dividing walls of society and let the churches show how peace can come through Jesus. We pray for all types of churches in India to be biblically sound, faithfully obedient, passionately worshipful, and genuinely loving. We ask for leadership training that is manageable without outside help, and for success for the national missionaries who are reaching their corners of the world. Work with the Indian church for Your glory, in Jesus' name, amen.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Praying for India: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 20

Today, we begin taking apart the prayer requests for India and seeking to get God's heart for this massive and significant country. We'll spend three days on the country as a whole, then begin praying for each of the states with their unique characteristics.

Please read pages 409-417 to understand the Challenges for Prayer in today's India. Today, an Indian believer will lead our prayer time in the video below. Watch, pray, and love.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Praying for India: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 19

Today we begin almost 2 1/2 weeks of prayer for the most ethnically diverse nation on earth - with the most unreached people. It's a place with linguistic, cultural, and religious diversity like no other. It's also a place with a huge need for Jesus and amazing work going on by foreign and national missionaries as well as strong local churches. I hope you can see that we can't have a stereotype of India in our head. As we begin this season of intense focus on India, our first task is going to be to develop the attitude of a learner. God is going to teach us a lot about this country as we seek His heart!

For today, let's get a good overview and sing some praises to His name for what He's been up to in India! Glance through pages 405-446, then come back and spend some time reading the boxed information on pages 405-408, and the "Answers to Prayer". Then, since our focus for today is praising Him, let's get a picture of Indian worship by watching the brief video below, and then entering a time of praise and thankfulness based on the Answers to Prayer in Operation World!

My prayer for today: Lord of all creation, we thank You for India, for its diversity and uniqueness and the changes You have brought over the past century. Thank You for the church in India and for the faithful witness of many over the centuries. Thank You for the movement toward addressing the inequities of the caste system and for the incredible witness of Christians to reach the untouchables as well as bring holistic ministry into Indian life. We praise You for the freedoms as well as the persecution in India and for the truth that has been revealed through the persecution in Orissa, Karnataka, and Gujarat. Oh Lord, we are humbled and awed at the impact church planting and missions has had in India. We are grateful for an Indian church that is taking the lead into its own unreached areas. Thank You for the openness that exists in India. Lord, we pour out our hearts to You in gratitude and praise You for Your work that is beyond any one individual. You alone deserve the glory, Father. In Jesus' name, amen.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Praying for Iceland: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 18

Today we pray for Iceland - a country with a high standard of living, but nominal faith. Please read pages 404-405.

My prayer for today: Lord, we lift up Iceland to You. We pray for wisdom and insight for the leaders in dealing with the challenges facing this country. Mostly, though, we ask for You to break into the society and bring about revival. We pray that the breath of Your Spirit will awaken believers to a passionate faith in You, convict unbelievers, and glorify the Son. We pray for leaders to be called and trained, and for missions vision within the churches that are pursuing You. We pray for Your Word to permeate every sector of society. Use Radio Lindin for Your glory within Iceland and also via the Internet. In Jesus' name, amen.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Praying for Hungary: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 17

Today we pray for one of the countries hit hard by two world wars and half a century of Communism. Praise God for delivering Hungary and for the growth and unity of the church there. Please read pages 400-403, then watch this video from a Hungarian believer as you pray for Hungary today.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Praying for Honduras: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 16

Today we pray for a country that has been wrecked financially, with natural disasters and limited development. Please read about Honduras on pages 397-400.

My prayer for today: Lord, thank You for the massive growth among evangelicals. Thank You that the church is reaching out in so many directions. Thank You for the protections for the indigenous and the way this shows Your righteousness and justice. Lord, we ask You for a truly righteous, wise, and resolute government to help retain stability and order. We pray for wisdom as they address social issues such as at-risk children, gangs, AIDS, and natural disasters. For the church we pray for leadership training and missions vision. We pray that You will show Honduran believers the gifts You've given them and enable them to hear Your call to pray, give, and go. In Jesus' name, amen.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Praying for Holy See (The Vatican): A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 15

One of the ways Operation World has opened my eyes is helping me see the work of multiple types of churches in missions. Since Holy See (The Vatican) is legally its own country (a city-state), we are privileged today to pray for the "home base" of the church claimed by the majority of Christians in the world. Catholic missions have had a huge impact on the world. In fact, it took a couple of centuries after the Reformation for Protestant missions to arise and find a place in the church. During those years, Catholic missions were going strong. The Pope is both head of state and head of the largest religious body on earth. As he weighs in on global issues, his words reverberate profoundly. Please read pages 396-397 and join me in prayer today.

My prayer for today: Lord, we cannot underestimate the impact of what happens in the Holy See. We pray for Pope Benedict and his advisors to have wisdom about the  political and spiritual issues that come before them. We pray for You to use the Vatican's influence for Your glory. Embolden the Pope to speak out about the issues that are on Your heart and to strengthen the church to do good and to fight against evil. We pray for spiritual leadership as the church reconsiders many doctrines and addresses loss of credibility through various scandals. We pray for the Church to recapture the essence of the Gospel and to remove anything unbiblical from its forms and practices. We pray for the church to have a deep spiritual renewal. Let the charismatic renewal become a bridge to other Christian groups. We ask for radical conversion and true transformation by individual Catholics, and for sound doctrine to be taught by bishops and priests in all countries. We pray this church will be a visual reminder of Your righteousness and holiness, as it is the only church that many unbelievers know. We pray for purity within the church. Thank You for using this church over the centuries; we ask You to use it again Lord, for Your glory alone, amen. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Prayer for Haiti: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 14

Today our prayer time for Haiti features insights from one of our group members who has ministered there on numerous occasions. Please review pages 392-396, then read Sarah's insights about this precious land. She also includes photos below the prayer.

Today we will be focusing our attention on Northern Haiti. Unlike Port-au-Prince in the south, cities in the north were not effected by the devastating earthquake. However, similar to in the southern region, the effects of economic, environmental, social and spiritual issues face the northern communities.

Prayer points for Northern Haiti:

-Church planting efforts - Specifically, one new church plant in the northern city of Cap Haitien that is located within a landfill community. Pray for God to use this church to reach the impoverished community. (Pictures: IMG_9472 and IMG_9475) (Video link: This church is one of several church plants in Northern Haiti planted by Vision of Hope Ministries ( and their video can be found at: 

-New blended value business ventures - Several new business ventures are in the process of starting in Northern Haiti. Among the projects are: a water packaging business (Picture: IMG_1981) and a recycling business (IMG_1739). Both businesses seek to address spiritual, social, economic and environmental issues facing Haitians. The strategy is Christ-centered social transformation because behind every issue in a society is a person who has a need for Christ. 

Lord, thank you for the work you are doing in Haiti and specifically Northern Haiti. Thank you for the leaders you have raised up to faithfully carry the task of testifying to your grace. We pray specifically for church planting efforts in Northern Haiti by Vision of Hope. Please give wisdom to the new pastor of the plant started in the landfill community. Help him to boldly proclaim the gospel and discern the best ways to meet the physical needs of his community (water, food, disease, and need for jobs). Lord, also please have your will with the business ventures that are in the start-up phases. Allow these projects to be a way for individuals to experience your love, grace and provision, as well as to come to understand how they can care for others and for God's creation. Lord, we ask that you would break cycles of poverty that trap many and break any strongholds created by Voodoo. Father, we trust that you are working in Haiti and have a plan to redeem and restore. In Jesus' holy and powerful name, Amen.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Prayer for Haiti: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey

Haiti catapulted into the world's eyes with the massive earthquake in 2010. The needs for development are significant, but Haiti's needs go far deeper than rubble and financial rebuilding. With 75% of the people involved in Voodoo, and with illness and disease lowering the life span, Haiti remains the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere with both material and spiritual poverty abounding. Please read pages 392-396, then watch this video to hear a Haitian believer's heart for his country.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prayer for Guyana: A 3465 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 12

Guyana has seen such a turnaround - from an atheistic country to full freedom of religion with over 50% Christian population! what a huge praise, with continued responsiveness and unity to this day. Please read pages 390-392.

My prayer for today: Lord, what an encouragement to read about Guyana, how You transformed the country and delivered them from atheistic rhetoric into religious freedom. Thank You for the unity and responsiveness to the Gospel. Guyana still needs Your touch Lord, with the threats from Venezuela and Suriname, as well as the racial divisions. We pray Your enduring hope will come to Guyana as You transform this nation with the Gospel. We pray for continued growth among the churches and for racial unity to begin within the congregations. We pray for believers will show the power of the Gospel with their unity, their words, and their lives. Raise up missions vision for the unreached people groups and other religions within their borders. We pray against the enemy's efforts to infiltrate the church with spiritism, witchcraft, and other demonic assaults. Grow the church in maturity and vision. In Jesus' name, amen. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Prayer for Guinea-Bissau: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 11

Today we pray for Guinea-Bissau. We are privileged to have additional insights on how to pray from a Guinea-Bissau believer. Please read pages 387-389, then read Domingo's requests below.
Guinea-Bissau is a small country in West Africa, one and half million population. We speak Portuguese, and we have 26 ethnic groups. Guinea-Bissau has 50% animism, 45% Islam, and 5% Christian, so the big job we have is to change the animistic people and Muslims to Christianity. We pray that God does this. Another aspect is the political situation. A recent misunderstanding has led to an unstable situation among the military. Please pray God turns this to peace. We need prayer. Thank you, and have a good heart to pray for Guinea-Bissau.

My prayer for today: Lord, we do join with Domingo and ask You to give us Your heart to pray for Guinea-Bissau. We pray for You to bring truth and peace into the misunderstanding and bring about stability. Lord, we pray for You to transform the country through drawing many to Yourself away from the false beliefs of animism and Islam. Thank You for religious freedom - we pray that the church will use this freedom to share the Gospel with the entire country. Raise up righteous leaders to lead Guinea-Bissau out of poverty, unrest, and conflict and into peace and sufficiency. Thank You for sound church leaders; raise more and more leaders who are willing to go to poor and remote areas. Lord, work in Guinea-Bissau for Your glory!   

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Praying for Guinea: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 10

Today we continue to pray for Guinea. Please review pages 384-387 as we focus today on the unreached peoples of Guinea.

My prayer for today: Lord, we continue to pray for Guinea today. Raise up Godly leaders to pastor churches and guide them into a missions vision, and raise up Godly missionaries to finish the task in Guinea. There are still so many unreached groups, so many Muslim people groups Lord. We ask for breakthroughs in some of the significant groups: the Malinka; the Fulbe; the Susu. Lord, we pray for wise strategies, culturally appropriate outreaches, Scripture in their language, and profound responsiveness. Lord, may sports ministry be effective to the young people. We pray against the volatility of the forest region and pray for You to bring some of these former rebels to You. Lord, let Your purposes be fulfilled in Guinea. In Jesus' name, amen.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Praying for Guinea: A 365-Day Global Prayer Journey - June 9

Today and tomorrow we pray for Guinea. Please read pages 384-387. 

What an encouragement to read that Guinea's missions vision is deepening and God is giving great unity, coordination, and research among the foreign mission groups as well as a growing indigenous movement! One of the significant steps in reaching any unreached people group is getting that group's believers to the point that it can truly be a self-sustaining movement, reaching their own people. This takes leadership, resources, and vision. At each step, the "outsiders" must increasingly step back and let the nationals begin to grow and lead. This is happening in Guinea, and it's a matter for prayer focus today!

My prayer for today: Lord, thank You so much for the transformation in Guinea! Thank You for the stability, the religious freedom, the efforts to the unreached, and the missions vision. Thank You for the unity, for the coordination and research, and for the training efforts. Lord, we pray for the growing indigenous missions movement in Guinea to be founded solidly on Your Word. Help them learn to lead with humility, wisdom, grace, and truth. We pray for the continued growth of the church and the evangelization of the 37 unreached groups as well as the strengthening of believers already in the churches. We pray against the enemy's efforts to destroy young believers; take them firmly into the foundation of Your Word. May the gates of hell not prevail against Your church in Guinea, Lord Jesus! 

Friday, June 08, 2012

Prayer for Guatemala: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 8

Today we turn our attention to a Central American country with problems of worldwide significance: It's a major trans-shipment point for the drug trade. Violence, poverty, and corruption are common, along with syncretism of Catholicism and animistic religion. Yet God is faithful, with evangelical growth reaching almost 25% and having influence with government officials, and the beginning of addressing wrongs done to the Mayan peoples. Much work remains to be done in Guatemala, though. Please read pages 381-384, then watch this video as we pray in unity for this country that is precious to God's heart.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Prayer for Guadeloupe and Guam: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey, June 7

As with many Caribbean nations, Guadeloupe's history is marred and in many ways defined by the legacy of slavery. As in every nation, the need to reach the root causes of problems will make a huge difference. These root causes are spiritual, of course, but are also manifest in specific ways. Read about Guadeloupe on page 378 to understand a little more about this nation.

Guam's legacy has been defined by outsiders in many ways, for both good and bad, especially with the U.S. Military presence since World War II. Details about Guam are on pages 379-380.

My prayer for today: Lord, in both Guadeloupe and Guam we see severe impacts that have been made by those who came into the country in the past for their own purposes. We see the pros and cons of these, but Lord we also see that the most important impact that should be made in either country is the impact of Your presence. We pray for Your Spirit to fall in a strong way in Guadeloupe and in Guam. For Guadeloupe we ask for true freedom and for economic justice to prevail. We pray against the racial tension and class envy; please let the love and peace of the Gospel transform and uplift Guadeloupe. We pray for true repentance and surrender to the Lordship of Christ. We pray against legalism and for such an outpouring of Your Spirit that believers will learn to trust the Holy Spirit in their own lives and in each others' lives. For Guam, Lord, we pray for the positive impact it can have in Micronesia to expand to influence of the Gospel. We pray for unity and spiritual power from the Holy Spirit. We pray for Biblical righteousness to shape Guam, rather than American culture. We pray for a church to emerge among the Chamorro. We pray for the missions outreach from Guam to the rest of the world to be fruitful. Thank You for Your work in Guam among the Prison Fellowship and Christian radio; raise up laborers for the harvest. Complete what You have started in Guam. 

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Prayer for Greenland and Granada: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 6

Today we pray for two islands - the largest island in the world, and one of the tiniest. Please read about Greenland and Grenada on pages 374-376.

My prayer for today: Lord, Greenland needs the breath of Your Spirit. Move powerfully, Lord, to breathe spiritual life into the churches and the convicting and regenerating power of Your Spirit over the country. We come against the devastation of immorality, abuse, alcoholism, mental illness, and suicide. We pray for deep healing and the renewing of their minds by the power of the Word of God. Raise up more Biblical leaders and give them wisdom to reach Greenland in a way that is unique to that culture. Lord, for Grenada we pray for re-development from the devastating hurricanes. We pray for dependence upon You rather than material things. Lord we pray for unity among the denominations, for an evangelistic and missions vision, and for purity within the church. Let the Grenadan church be a true threat to the enemy, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Prayer for Greece: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 5

Today, we pray for a country that's been much in the news lately. Greece is suffering an economic meltdown and few Europeans are without opinions on the matter. What a great reminder that we have a God who sees beyond the headlines! He knows what He's doing in Greece, what's going on under the surface, and most importantly, He tenderly cares for each and every soul in Greece. Please read pages 370-373 to learn more about this country that was one of the Biblical "superpowers".

My prayer for today: Lord, I lift Greece up to You today. Thank You for the openness on a legal level and the reduced tension between Greece and Turkey. Lord, please use this to help Christians have doors of opportunity. Quiet and peaceful lives should result in the spread of the Gospel; this is our prayer for Greece. Let the dissatisfaction over the financial woes turn into a hunger to know You. Lord, bring peace in the middle of this chaos and reveals Yourself as greater than any crisis. Restore vitality and life to the churches. Bring unity and a strong foundation of Your word. Lord, increase the missions vision of the church in Greece. Let them see how strategically You have positioned them - not only for the outpouring of immigrants in Greece, but for the surrounding nations. Demonstrate Your love and grace to Greece. In Jesus' name, amen. 

Monday, June 04, 2012

Praying for Gibraltar: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey, June 4

Today and tomorrow the Operation World focus is Gibraltar and Greece. Today, we will focus on Gibraltar. Tomorrow, Greece draws our prayerful attention. Please read page 369-370 today.

My prayer for today: Lord, you see the tiny nation of Gibraltar with its religious freedom and significant place geographically. We pray, Lord, that You will strengthen the church. Bring unity and a strong emphasis on Scripture; bring revival Lord so Gibraltar can fully become everything You want it to be. We pray for You to use Gibraltar strategically with North Africa - open doors no one can close, and enable them to be faithful to the call. We pray for Christians to have love for the Muslims among them and be sensitive to opportunities to share about Jesus. We pray for laborers for this harvest field. Thank You for having such an awesome opportunity for this tiny nation. Equip it to rise to the challenge.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Prayer for Ghana: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 3 (Day 155)

Today we continue to pray for Ghana. What a blessing that this country has reached so many of the unreached among their own people - many of whom now send their own missionaries. Please review pages 365-369. We'll pray together for Ghana as we thank God for His work among them!

My prayer for today: Lord Jesus, You are the Lord of the harvest. Thank You for the harvest in Ghana, for all the laborers and the unreached peoples who are now sending their own missionaries. Thank You for the Word of God in the various languages. What an amazing blessing it is to see a country with a church that has taken so seriously the call to reach the world. Lord, Ghana still needs prayer. We pray against any mixture of animism or other belief systems with Christianity. We pray for Ghana to have a strong Christian vision to reach the rest of the country. We pray for mature leaders and sound Biblical training. Lord, we pray that You will fight against the dark forces that are trying to conquer Ghana through Islam. We pray for more Muslims to come to faith in Jesus and for the church to not fear Islam, but to provide a loving witness as the Holy Spirit draws them to Yourself. You are faithful Lord. Thank You for Your work in Ghana.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Prayer for Ghana: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 2 (Day 154)

Ghana, the first majority-black African country to gain independence from European powers, has been blessed with relative peace and stability since 1992. It plays a growing role in the region in peacekeeping and diplomacy, and has freedom of religion and a strong Christian tradition. The peace that has reigned among religious groups has been threatened in recent years, though. Please read about Ghana on pages 365-369. Today a Ghanan believer will lead our prayer time; we'll focus on Ghana tomorrow as well.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Praying for Germany: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 1 (Day 153)

Today we conclude our three days of prayer for Germany. Please review pages 359-364.

A pastor in Germany sent the following prayer requests to add to our list:

Pray for Awakening and discernment Among Leaders and Christians. Pray also for Revival and God's move among Calvary Chapel, especially Siegen and Düsseldorf.

My prayer for today: Lord, we continue to lift up Germany, especially the church. We pray for sound theological teaching. Lord, come against the stronghold of questioning Your Word. Thank You for the sound teachers who are starting to gain positions in prominent schools. We pray for many ways of teaching and training to emerge with sound Biblical doctrine. We pray for successful accreditation for Biblically sound schools. Lord, we pray for an awakening for missionary vision like never before. We pray for the church to see the need to support missionaries and that many would be called as laborers to the harvest. Lord, we pray for insight for reaching the youth where only 2% claim to be believers. We pray for the events aimed to youth to be attractive and for strong campus ministries. We pray for wisdom for the church in reaching Germany where most of the population is in effect unreached. We pray for You to raise up a church in every town in Germany and ask Your guidance for those doing church planting to have wisdom and protection. Lord, minister to German church leaders as only You can. In Jesus' name, amen.