Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Praying for South Africa: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 31

A "miracle of change". That's how the believer in today's video describes South Africa! What a great reminder of the power of prayer. As we pray for these countries, it's easy to get overwhelmed or discouraged. Remember, God has an eternal perspective that we don't have. Prayer works, and miracles of change happen. South Africa is proof! Please read pages 757-763, then pray with this believer today!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prayer for Somalia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 30

Today we continue to pray for Somalia. Please review pages 754-756.

My prayer for today: Lord, when you ejected satan from heaven we know that he came to earth angry. He knows his time here is short and he is trying to do as much damage to your kingdom as possible. In Somalia, we see this in the form of radical Islamists who are trying to fight the government and bring violent control to the people. We pray that You will stop this, Lord. The gates of hell will not prevail against a church on mission for You, so we pray that the church in Somalia will be radically and faithfully on mission for You. We pray for them to be filled with the Holy Spirit and boldness; to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves; to have supernatural discernment about when and where and how to proceed with any plans. We pray for seekers to be hungry for truth and to fall so in love with You, Jesus, that they are willing to risk anything - everything! We ask, Lord, for supernatural empowering for the church and its leaders. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray for the church to be salt and light, to permeate society for Your glory, In Jesus' name, amen.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Prayer for Somalia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 29

For the next two days we pray for a country that is known for all the "wrong" reasons - poverty, violence, conflict. It's considered a "failed state", and yet God is still at work! What a great reminder that "Love never fails"! Please read about Somalia on pages 754-756.

My prayer for today: Lord Jesus, You have always loved Somalia with a perfect, unfailing love. We give thanks continually when we think of the infant Somali church that has emerged in this recent tribulation. Their boldness and growth in faith and vision, despite persecution, is an example for us. Lord, we obey Your Word and remember these who are persecuted and in prison, as if we were in prison with them. Awaken us to the reality of their situation and remind us constantly that we are also part of the body with them, so if they are hurting we are hurting. Lord, we know these believers fervently cry out for their country, and we also join them in committing Somalia to You. We pray for the government to rule with righteousness and justice; we pray for all vigilante and terror groups to surrender to the authority of the central government and that the government would have a strong foundation to rule rightly. We pray for a government that values religious freedom and respects human rights. We ask You, Lord, to be gracious to the Somalians, and bless them, and cause Your face to shine upon them, so that Your ways can be known throughout Somalia and through the church in Somalia, to the very ends of the earth. In Jesus' name, amen.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Prayer for the Solomon Islands: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 28

Today's prayer focus takes us to a land with a surprisingly strong Christian tradition, and a great model of peacekeeping. Please read pages 751-753 about the Solomon Islands.

My prayer for today: We thank You, Lord, for the revivals in the Solomon Islands and and for the spiritual vitality of the churches. We thank You for the good testimony of peacekeeping during the civil conflict, and for the blessing of the nation by the Melanesian Brotherhood and in the church's role in reconciliation. What a model; what an example for us Lord! We pray for full forgiveness and reconciliation for all those traumatized by the civil war. We pray for repentance and a season of renewing. We pray for the church to be biblically strong and fight false teachings and cults. We ask Lord for You to give the church wisdom to fully enculturate the gospel among the various tribal groups, and that despite cultural differences they would be one in you. We ask, Lord, for solid and effective leadership training and for wisdom in the various ministries and missions agencies. Thank You for Your body in the Solomon Islands. In Jesus' name, amen.  

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Prayers for Slovenia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 27

Today we pray for a strategic country that has experienced profound positive economic change after centuries of outside rule and most recently communist control. Please learn about Slovenia on pages 749-751.

My prayer for today: Lord, we lift up Slovenia to You. We ask You to bring an awakening in the churches to draw many nominal believers into a deeply personal faith in You. We pray for unity among the few evangelical churches. We pray for Slovenians to understand the Biblical principles of giving to support their local churches and send missionaries. We pray for ample Christian resources and full translation of Scriptures. We pray for faithfulness, fruitfulness,and sensitivity on the part of church planters. Bring a deeper awareness of the positive role Christians can have as salt and light in a society. In Jesus' name, amen.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Prayers for Slovakia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 26

As we pray for Slovakia today, we'll zero in on a country with a Christian heritage that needs a new move of of the Holy Spirit. Please read pages 747-749.

My prayer for today: Oh Lord, how thankful we are for the Christian heritage of Slovakia. We thank You for this strong foundation and for the changes that have come to bring economic reforms in this land. We pray for new life in Your Holy Spirit. we pray for many to seek Your hope and truth in the midst of high suicide and depression rates. Lord, show them what a difference You can make in their lives as well as their days! We pray for the church to meet the challenge of cults and for the evangelical denominations as they reach out in church planting. We pray for sound Biblical training and wise foreign missions collaborations. We pray Slovaks will catch the vision to evangelize not only their land, but the world. In Jesus' name, amen.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Prayers for Singapore: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 25

Today we pray or one of the few "city-states" in the world. Please read pages 743-746 and then watch this video to learn more about how to pray for this tiny country that is fast becoming a missions hub!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Prayer for Seychelles and Sierra Leone: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 24

Today's prayer journey plants us firmly along the coastlines of Africa. Please read about Seychelles and Sierra Leone on pages 738-742.

My prayer for today: Lord, the islands and coastlands belong to You. When you marked out the parameters of the earth and set the boundaries for the oceans, when You placed people within those lands and established the times they would live so that they would seek You, Seychelles and Sierra Leone were in Your plans. We pray for them today. We pray against the gris-gris practices that has weakened Christianity. We pray for the Holy Spirit to convict of this syncretism and for Your Word to be prominent in the life of Seychelle believers. We pray for wisdom for leadership as they fight this dark practice. We pray for the churches that are seeking to plant new fellowships to have a powerful and positive impact. We pray for provision of enough New Testaments and complete translation of the Old Testament. For Sierra Leone, we praise You for the end of the conflict and the steps toward peace. We praise You for the fruit of Christian ministry. We pray for wisdom for Christian ministries helping to provide food security, reintegrate ex-combatants, and provide stability to the country. We pray for wise, honest, and righteous leadership. We pray for Christians throughout the world to recognize the suffering and injustices in this land. We ask You for churches to balance the Word and the spirit, to be unified, and for Christians to live lives of faith and not depend on dark powers for what You perfectly provide. Demonstrate Your supremacy in Sierra Leone, we ask in Jesus' name, amen.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Prayers for Serbia and Kosovo: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 23

Any study of modern geopolitics must include an awareness of balkanization - and Serbia and Kosovo are two of the countries at the heart of the region that gave us that terminology. According to Wikipedia, balkanization refers to the process of fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or non-cooperative with each other. You can easily see why the peace and unity of Christ is needed in this region of the world. Please read about Serbia and Kosovo on pages 734-737.

My prayer for today: Oh Lord, You are our peace. You have torn down all the dividing walls we humans set up. I lift Serbia up to You today. We pray for healing and transformation within Serbia. Help Serbian Christians find their identity in You and lead others to a full identity in You. We pray for the multi-cultural evangelical churches to recommit to unity in the body and to be a catalyst for good. We pray for new life within the Serbian Orthodox church and revival for the protestant churches. We pray for leadership training and wisdom for ministry. For Kosovo, Lord, we pray for the hatreds to be resolved and for true peace with Serbia to come. We pray for a growing economy and against exploitation. We pray that the way Christian treat Kosovars will be an exemplary testimony to Your love and grace and truth and peace. We pray for a growing unity among believers and continued growth in spiritual maturity. Bring wisdom and guidance to those working in this land. In Jesus' name, amen.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Prayers for Senegal: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 22

Today we continue to pray for Senegal. Our focus today is prayer for the Senegalese people group, one of the unreached groups in the world. Please review pages 730-733, then watch this video and pray for this part of  "God's waiting world".

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Praying for Saudi Arabia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 20

If you want to pray for God to move in the Muslim world, you can't pick a much better place to start than Saudi Arabia. The strongholds are great there, and the influence on the Muslim world profound. Please review pages 728-730 and let's take the birthplace of Islam to the Lord.

My prayer for today: Oh Lord God, we love Muslims but we know Your heart is even greater. We pray for a breakthrough for Muslims to know Your heart and Your Son to start in Saudi Arabia. We pray that Muslims visiting Mecca will encounter You and that You will speak to those traveling to Mecca through dreams and visions. We pray for a more fair and righteous government that recognizes human rights and religious freedom. We pray for the needs of the country and for Christians in Saudi Arabia to have wisdom and boldness. We pray for secret believers to persevere and for those seeking to come to love You more than they fear the consequences. We pray for believers to find believing spouses and for believers to meet together regularly, however creative they might have to be.We pray for creative ways to reach seekers in such a tightly controlled environment. In Jesus' name, amen.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Prayers for Saudi Arabia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 19

Today and tomorrow we pray for Saudi Arabia. This country is one of the most closed countries in the world - Christianity is absolutely forbidden, even by foreigners living in the land. What's lesser known is that there is also persecution of minority Muslim groups such as Shi'as, and pretty much anyone who doesn't line up with the Saudi version of Sunni Islam. The enemy has a stronghold over this land. Yet there are pockets of "Secret Believers" throughout the country that need our prayers. Please read pages 728-730, then watch this video and pray along with this believer. (Please note that the initial prayer is in Arabic, but he repeats it in English later in the video.)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Prayer for Samoa, San Marino, and Sao Tome & Principe

Today's prayer focus covers islands on three continents! Let's ask God to lift us up in the Spirit (like Phillip or Ezekiel) so we can truly see His heart for each of these tiny lands that He loves. Please read pages 724-727 about Samoa, San Marino, and Sao Tome and Principe.

My prayer for today: Lord, we thank You for the presence of the church in Samoa in each village, but we pray for the strength of the church. We pray for revival and unity among the churches. We pray for the churches to meet practical needs and keep themselves unstained from the world. We pray for a Biblical faith that will safeguard against Mormonism or any other false system of belief. We pray for the churches to send missionaries and be revived by experiencing the power of the Gospel where Christ has not been named. For San Marino, Lord, we pray for those who are believers in name only to have a life-changing encounter with Jesus. We pray for evangelicals to take the opportunity to exercise religious freedom by sharing the Gospel. For Sao Tome and Principe, Lord, we pray for the Holy spirit to convict where there is syncretism and ancestor worship, and for the sovereignty of Jesus to be clearly shown. We pray for locally led, culturally relevant congregations with effective leadership to emerge. Be magnified in all these lands, Lord, in Jesus' name, amen. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Praying for Rwanda: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 17

Today's prayer focus is a country that's been in the news a lot the last couple of decades. As with most regions of the world, what we see on the news has skewed our thinking. Please learn more about Rwanda on pages 719-723 and the notes from a Rwandan believer studying in the U.S. Then, please watch the video below, and then pray along with this Rwandan man.

Rwanda is a tiny country located in the heart of Africa. It's about the size of Maryland State but has twice as many people. It is Africa's most densely populated nation. 56.5% of Rwanda's population is Roman Catholic, 26% is Protestant, 11.1% is Seventh-day Adventist, 4.6% is Muslim, 1.7% claims no religious affiliation, and 0.1% practices traditional indigenous beliefs.This land of a thousand hills is known for its beautiful terrain and inhabitants, mountain gorillas and, unfortunately, the 1994 genocide.

In April 1994, the country experienced one of history’s most atrocious genocides. In just 100 days, close to one million ethnic Tutsi and moderate Hutu sympathizers lost their lives to the hands of extremist Hutu militia. This civil war left many people either dead, orphaned or widowed. A lot of wounds were inflicted—either emotional, spiritual or physical—some of which are almost impossible to heal. How such feelings of murder and resentment conspired within the minds of some Rwandans remains a mystery to many. But as a believer in the creator God, it is not difficult to understand that this was nothing short of the devil’s work. He was a murderer from the beginning and he influences many to do the same.

In the wake of the genocide, the country under great leadership put forth various efforts to rebuild the Nation into a peace loving society. The government called upon the church to lead the country in reconciliation as it looked to eradicate the animosity between the two ethnic groups. God is His sovereignty and infinite wisdom appointed leaders who promoted religious liberty and acknowledged that reconciliation was not possible without the church’s intervention and guidance.

Even though Rwanda is doing very well as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the pain of the genocide rests heavily upon many hearts. Without an understanding and appreciation of God’s love as revealed in His Son Jesus Christ, many find it impossible to forgive and be healed of their emotional and spiritual wounds.

Please pray that God will: 
- Continue to raise up workers in His vineyard to share the precious message of reconciliation about Christ’s death, resurrection and soon return.
- through His Spirit move upon His church body so that they will earnestly seek a revival of primitive godliness; that they may be emboldened and empowered to share His message in love
- Bless the leaders of the nation with wisdom to continue to promote religious liberty and guide the nation into greater economic and social development.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Praying for Russia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 16

Today we conclude our prayers for Russia with a focus on the Urals Federal District, the Siberian Federal District, and the Far Eastern Federal District. Please read pages 717-718.

My prayer for today: Lord, I lift up these final regions of Russia to You. Though the people group names are unfamiliar on my tongue, they will be written in Your book of the peoples. We pray the words of Psalm 87:6-7 over these people groups:
The Lord will write in the register of the peoples:
“This one was born in Zion.”       Selah
As they make music they will sing,
“All my fountains are in you.” 
Lord, send missionaries to those You are calling out from among these people groups - the Bashkirs, Tatars, Chuvash, Udmurt, Mari, Mordvinians, Khanty, Mansi, Nenets, Kmoi, Buryat, Khakas, Tuvans. We pray You will write these people groups in the register of people groups and these individuals would say with joy "All my fountains are in You" as they find You fully sufficient. Lord, we anticipate worshipping around the throne with these precious people! In Jesus' name, amen. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Praying for Russia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 15

Today we continue to pray for some of the Geopolitical districts of Russia. Please read about the Northwestern Federal District and the Volga Federal District on pages 715-716.

My prayer for today: Lord, we pray for the Gospel to go forth in this district. We pray for the completion of the Bible in North Karelian and for wise approaches to reach these indigenous peoples. We thank You for the faithfulness of the pastor who translated the Bible into Komi; we pray that the people would treasure this and live out its words. We pray for the region of Kaliningrad Oblast to enjoy the richness of the Gospel, and for missions agencies in the Nenets region to have a heart to cooperate. We pray against confusion and for unity. For Volga, Lord, we pray for those ministering to the Tatars. We pray for special wisdom as Islam also advances in this region. We pray for opportunities for Udmurts to worship, pray and study in their own language, and for Scripture to exist in every language within this district. We ask for You to show these precious people that You have not forgotten them. In Jesus' precious name, amen.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Praying for Russia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 14

Today we continue to pray for Russia, focusing on the Geo-ethnic Regions of the Russian Federation. These are regions that are ethnically distinct and occasionally sources of violence due to ethnic conflict. Please read about the first, the Southern Federal District, on pages 712-715.

My prayer for today: Lord, we hear of the conflicts in the Caucasus and they seem so far away, so distant from our daily lives. Yet for the people in this region, they are just one more struggle in a challenging life. We pray, Lord, for peace. We pray for sufficient food, clothing, and employment for the people in this region. We pray for purpose that will replace violence. We pray for a fair solution to the problems and wisdom, restraint, and moderation to prevail. We pray for the radical Islamist plans to be thwarted and for the region to experience religious freedom. We pray especially for the church in Dagestan, struggling for survival amidst violent extremist groups and caught in the middle of Muslim-on-Muslim violence. We pray for North Ossetia to exemplify righteousness and justice so that people can see the practical impact of light and truth. Guard and protect your servants as they seek to live out Your Word in this challenging place. In Jesus' name, amen.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Praying for Russia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 13

Since we are praying for Russia for 5 days, I thought it would be helpful to break it down. It's nice to spend this much time in a country; we can really get down into the forest and look at some individual trees. For today, please review pages 705-712 (overview, Answers to Prayer, and Challenges for Prayer). Tomorrow we'll start drilling down on some specific areas within Russia. Today's prayer comes from one who is serving in Russia and has a strong heart for the country.

Acts 2:11: ...(both Jews and converts to Judaism); Cretans and Arabs – we hear them declaring the wonders of God IN OUR OWN TONGUES!
We have worked over the past 10 years trying to reach to some of the indigenous groups of
Russia, especially the groups that belong to the Samoyedic and Fenno-Ugric peoples in Russia.
(These are related to the Finnish and Hungarian people.)

Russia is a land of many different people groups. The majority are Russians, but there are over 100 different people groups in Russia. During the Soviet (communist) times, they were not allowed to speak their own languages, but had to speak Russian. Since the fall of the communist power there is still much pressure not to speak your mother tongue, if any Russians are around.

These people groups' beliefs vary greatly. Some are animistic some are Russian orthodox and some are Muslims. Unfortunately, it seems to be mainly only the Muslim people groups, who have the courage to speak their own languages.

- Lord I ask that many people will GO and tell about Jesus to the Russians and the different people groups within Russia.
- Lord I ask that many Russians and the different people groups within Russia will have the courage to ask your forgiveness of their sins and the courage to walk your narrow path.
- Lord I ask that the Russians and the different people groups within Russia will be discipled in Jesus.
- Lord I ask that the Bible will be translated into the different people groups within Russia. Lord I also ask that you will give wisdom and help the Bible translators. And that the Bibles and Christian material in their own languages will spread and be used.
-Lord let there be prayer, Bible study, Christian songs and worship in the different people groups languages within Russia.
- Lord I ask that the Christians in Russia (including all the different people groups) by their daily living will transform the suffering in their area into a place of love, justice and peace.
- Lord I ask that the Christian parents in Russia (including all the different people groups) will be an example of faith for their children. Lord I also ask that you will protect the Christian families and let the Christian families be a place of nurture and love.
- Lord I ask that the Christian Russians and the different people groups within Russia may find the courage to say yes to what you God ask of them.

My prayer for today: Oh Lord, how can we thank You for bringing about the miracle of the fall of the Iron Curtain? The openness of the former Soviet bloc to the Gospel is one of the miracles of the 20th century, and we praise You for the responsiveness of the people. We thank You for the growth of evangelicals, the development of networks and theological education, and the church planting vision. It's exciting to see a church that was once in survival mode to be truly passionate for kingdom advance now that the door is open. But Lord, it's hard to tell how long that door will be open. We pray for Russia's leadership to continue to see the need to pursue freedom and liberty instead of creeping oppression. We pray for the church to have wisdom with practical ministries and for You to call many Christians into vocational ministry as teachers, doctors, counselors, and even politicians. We pray for the Orthodox church to see the benefit of newer churches, and for Biblical renewal to happen within the Orthodox tradition. We pray for Christian leaders to learn Biblical leadership patterns instead of following the authoritarian style of their culture. We pray for You to equip the church in every way for Your glory. In Jesus' name, amen.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Praying for Russia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 12

Today we begin 5 days of focused prayers on a country that was at the heart of the former Soviet Union. Russia today still is recovering from that difficult era, and Russians throughout Eastern Europe often remain despised for the sins of their fathers. There are many strongholds in Russia, and much prayer is needed. Please read pages 705-718, then watch this video and join in prayer today.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Praying for Romania: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 11

Today we continue to pray for Romania. Please review pages 700-704.

My prayer for today: Lord, when I think of Romania I think of the desperate needs I've heard about from those who've been there - not primarily physical needs, but the spiritual needs reflected in suicide, depression, and oppression by the dominant religious tradition against believers from different backgrounds. We pray for evangelicals in Romania who are persecuted. Guide them to respond in love and let Your grace, not fear, dominate. We pray against nominalism and legalism; break through with the power of Your Holy Spirit. Equip the church to be the church through practical ministry, love, holiness, discipleship, and prayer. We pray for leaders that can exemplify wholeness in all areas of their lives, setting an example for the churches. Be glorified in Romania, in Jesus' name, amen.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Prayers for Romania: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 10

Today we begin 2 days of prayer for Romania. Please read pages 700-704, then share with this Romanian believer in praying God's heart for his country.

Romania is a country that has been open to all kinds of spiritual influences both good and bad since 1989 when communism fell. We see now that people are open but a lot of Christians are fearful and very timid in their testimony to the greatness of Jesus. There is a spirit of fear that blocks people in being brave proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel to those around them. I think this may be one of the deep roots of the lack of abundant fruit in Romania.

Another one is the legalism that permeates both the Orthodox church as well as many evangelical churches. This stems out of moral performance and that is birthed by a prideful spirit.

Pray also that the Person of Jesus would be more dear and precious to Christians than their own reputation with other people.

"Father I pray for boldness for all of my Romanian brothers and sisters in Jesus, who are followers of yours, that we would be able to overcome a spirit of fear by the power of the Holy Spirit and that we would courageously proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus and make His Name known among many people in Romania. May you help us overcome a spirit of legalism by a deeper understanding and experience of Your grace!"

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Prayer for Qatar and Reunion: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey -October 9

Today's journeys might leave your head spinning - from Puerto Rico we are jetting over to Qatar in the Middle East, then zooming down to Reunion in Africa! Hold on tight - and read pages 697-700.

Qatar has broken from many other nations in the Middle East by offering land for churches (for non-Qataris living and working in the country) - the first to be built in Qatar since Islam's arrival.  Reunion is a nation in many ways bound to the past, defined in so many areas by the legacy of slavery.

My prayer for today: Lord, we ask You to bless Qatar for their openness to churches .We ask that  these buildings bring unity, effective discipling, and sensitive evangelism. Enable these churches to be a tremendous blessing in Qatar. We pray for Qataris to come to faith in You and for the church to have wisdom how to disciple and walk with these new Muslim Background Believers. We pray for the Christian impact on society to be strong and obvious .For Reunion, Lord, we praise You for the growth of the church and ask You to do a deep work of healing and restoration from the past legacy of slavery. We pray for complete deliverance for believers and that their freedom will attract nonbelievers to the Gospel. Raise up and equip leaders for Your kingdom purposes. In Jesus' name, amen.  

Monday, October 08, 2012

Prayer for Puerto Rico: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 8

Today we zero in on a tiny island with a unique governance as a "commonwealth" of the United States. Please read about Puerto Rico on pages 694-696.

My prayer for today: Lord Jesus, I lift up the commonwealth of Puerto Rico to You. I pray that whatever decisions the people make regarding statehood or independence, Puerto Rico would be blessed to have wise government that works for the best interests of its citizens. I pray for renewal within the Catholic Church, and for the churches to begin making an impact on the social needs of Puerto Rico. Give the churches Your heart for the land where You've placed them. Specifically call out many to serve those in abject poverty; also call believers into education and the health care industry. We ask You for the churches to take a stand and set an example for Godly home life. We pray for discipleship and missions vision within the churches.Minister Your love to Puerto Rico through the churches, in Jesus' name we pray, amen.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Prayer for Portugal: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 7

Today's prayer takes us to Portugal, a nation with an overwhelmingly predominant percentage of Christians, yet in desperate need of renewal as the current religious freedom is being dominated by cults and New Age philosophies. Please read pages 692-694, then pray along with this video. I've also included some reflections from a Portuguese believer on how to pray for his country.

On the social realm, Portugal is currently going through an economical crisis, due to misuse of money through overuse of credit by most of the families. Naturally, Christians are affected as well (directly or not) because unemployment has risen.

On the spiritual realm, among believers there is a midst of religiosity and passiveness towards the general situation of the country. Real born again believers are still a small minority, as the Catholic church represents a brutal majority according the charts. Anyway, the reality is that most of the Portuguese don´t go at all to any church, neither have personal relationship with Jesus. And the church is, in practice, quite subtle and closed into itself, as generations of believers are only used to keep the meetings going on, and seem not to be much motivated into change.

Nevertheless this situation can turn out to be a blessing, in the way that it may lead to repentance:
- Repentance of covetousness (by using unsustained credit).
- Repentance of religiosity, that believers could be revived again and non-believers would meet Lord Jesus as a personal Savior and Provider that He is.

Portuguese are friendly and happy people overall. I personally pray that they would find deeper and healing happiness in Jesus.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Praying for Poland: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 6

Today we focus on yet another country ravaged through the 20th century first by the Nazis, then by communism. Please read about Poland on pages 689-691, then join in prayer with this video below.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Praying for the Philippines: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 5

Today we conclude our prayers for the Philippines. Please review pages 682-688, then join me in prayer:

My prayer for today: We praise You, Lord, for the growth of the church in the Philippines and the unity among the churches. We thank You for the sending mindset of the churches. Lord, we pray for a government in the Philippines that pursues justice and righteousness, and for Christians in government to live our their faith in practical ways. We pray for an end to corruption and for the government to truly live out its God-given purpose. Lord, we ask for discernment for Christians to know truth from error. We pray for Your word to be central in Filipino churches so that believers can learn to discern error. We pray for strong leadership development and for those church leaders who are trained to have a heart to stay and serve in the Philippines. In Jesus' name, amen.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Prayer for the Philippines: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 4

Today we continue to pray for the Philippines. Please review pages 682-688. Today we are privileged to be led in prayer by one serving in the Philippines. Please join her in prayer for the country God has called her to serve.

There is great diversity among the 7,107 (or up to 7,250, depending on your source) islands that make up the Philippines.  It is a land rich in natural resources and indescribable beauty but her greatest treasure is the beautiful Filipino people.  

Historically the nation was Animistic before Islam came to the southern island of Mindanao, followed by Roman Catholicism to the remainder of the nation.  Today the Philippines is considered the only Christian nation in Asia (11% evangelical), yet is listed as the 2nd most corrupt nation in the world.  Corruption is widespread and at every level and every aspect of society.  It is a way of life among Christians and even most pastors. 

There is still a lot of witchcraft and Animistic beliefs and practices especially within the Catholic church, and some within evangelical churches.  Christians are identified as either “Roman Catholic” or “Born Again”.  The two groups have little to do with one another. 

There are more than twice as many natural disasters in the Philippines than any other nation in the world. 

“Shower, O heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain down righteousness; let the earth open, that salvation and righteousness may bear fruit; let the earth cause them both to sprout;  I the LORD have created it.”  Isaiah 45:8

Lord, I truly thank you for this great nation of the Philippine islands!  Thank you for the many missionary organizations who have labored over this nation for so many years, and now is now transitioning to become a missionary sending nation.  Father, I pray for a spirit of humility and a spirit of unity among the churches.  Lord, I pray for the fear of the Lord, the hatred of all evil, to come upon Your body.  I pray that you would purge your church of idolatry and the faithlessness that leads to corruption.  I pray that You would expose every false belief system and completely root it out of Your church and replace it with a Biblical worldview.  

Father, my heart is heavy, burdened for the many wonderful Muslim, and ethnic tribal people living in fear and darkness.  I pray for the courage for them to look to YOU for truth.  I pray for divine power encounters with miraculous healings, dreams and visions that are undeniable.  I pray that you birth in them a hunger for righteousness.  Jesus, You absolutely love every person of the 188 different people groups.  They each have a destiny in You and I pray that YOUR purpose for each of them will come to fulfillment.  I ask this in the name of Jesus, for Your glory, Amen.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Praying for Peru: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 2

Today we pray for a large country with a growing evangelical population. Please read pages 678-682, then watch this video and read the insights from one who has ministered in Perus, and pray for Peru today.

PERU!! A beautiful country with beautiful people...people who are open to the Gospel--who will listen intently to those who share the Good taxis, on buses, in parks, on the roadside--they want to hear, they want to know that there is Hope. The kids, with their big brown eyes, who are so excited to come to an outreach at a local church- to sing and to dance, and to learn the Word of God.  They are such bright lights in their communities...Please join me today as we pray that God will continue to reach the lost in Peru and do mighty things through the believers there.
Lord, we pray for Peru today...Thank you for the great rise in evangelical Christians in Peru.  Thank you for the way you grew the church during the years of persecution by the terrorist groups and government.  Thank you that the number of indigenous believers is on the rise and for the wonderful work of the Bible translators in the mountains and jungles. Lord, please continue to raise up native pastors and leaders to encourage and strengthen the body. And help the many denominations work together to reach the people of Peru and beyond. We pray for more student ministries to be developed to reach the universities throughout Peru. And Lord please send people to minister to the street children in Lima.  Help them come to you for satisfaction and for guidance, and use them to reach the other children who are lost.  Bring a revival in the streets of Lima, Lord. We trust you with this country, Lord.  We know you have marvelous things, yet to do!In Jesus' name, Amen.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Praying for Paraguay: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 1

Before we pray for Paraguay, I want to pause a minute and look back over the landscape we've covered. We are 75% done with our journey at this point!!!! I hope you've learned much about the faithfulness of the God we serve and what He's up to in this world for His glory! Today's a good place to be reminded that the nations belong to Him as a result of the resurrection:
Psa 2:7-8 ESV - I will tell of the decree: The LORD said to me, "You are my Son; today I have begotten you. Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession.
From huge land masses like China, to small islands like Papua New Guinea; from frozen tundras like Greenland to sweeping plains like Australia - it's all His. If you haven't done so in a while, take a minute today to thank God for allowing you the privilege of joining Him on this global prayer journey. It's ok. I'll wait right here....

Done? OK, let's press on and finish well. Read about Paraguay on pages 675-677.

My prayer for today: Lord, we see in Paraguay a nation that has suffered the effects of wars and bad government. We ask for Paraguay to have leaders who lead in righteousness and wisdom. We pray for renewal within the churches and for the Catholic church to be awakened to the importance of Biblical faith. We pray for the churches to demonstrate a balance between the Word and the Spirit and to bring unity among the churches to demonstrate Your love for Paraguay. We pray for missionaries to come alongside the churches and serve them well. Bring many believers from the indigenous population to faith in You. Thank You for the continued work in Paraguay. In Jesus' name, amen.