Saturday, January 21, 2012

A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - January 21 (Day 21)

Today's prayer focus takes us right into the heart of the need in the Americas. Please read "Hot Spots" on pages 49-50, then return here for our prayer time.

This emphasis on "Hot Spots" underscores the benefit of taking some time to pray regionally, as well as the country-by-country prayer we'll be doing for most of the year. The reality is that none of these issues are isolated to one country within the Americas. All of these issues relate in some way to everyone and fuel the trends that we'll be praying about tomorrow. And all of them require solutions that cross national borders and are beyond the scope of political talking points. As we pray for these needs today, let's keep a regional mindset. However, if you do have special insight from having served in a particular country please feel free to share it so that we can all benefit and join you in specific prayers.

My prayer for today: Oh Lord, El Roi, the God who sees ... so much of the hurt and pain related to these issues takes place where many eyes cannot or will not see. The drug trade which sometimes seems overwhelmingly powerful and evil, Lord, is hurting and killing many in so many ways. We pray for Your intervention at every level - at the point of demand, break bondages; at the point of supply, provide alternative income sources; at all points between, reveal to legal authorities how to locate the criminals. Raise up authorities who are honest and will not take bribes nor fear the cartels. Break this bondage, Lord. For the human needs - financial, education, clean water, crime - oh Lord, intervene. Raise up believers who are specialists in these areas who will give their lives to develop sustainable solutions that empower the people. Raise up churches who will be willing to be places of light that these specialists can partner with so that the community knows where to go to find answers. Use this Lord to provide for the people in every way. Your word says that you bring good news to the poor. We pray God that the good news going to the poor in the Americas will be good news of both physical and spiritual nature. Lord, we pray for Your creation in the Americas - some of the most beautiful and unique setings in the world. We pray for businessmen who honor and value the world You created. We pray for an appropriate balance of economic and environmental uses. We pray, Lord, that You will be honored by the way we treat the creation You gave us to care for. God, we lift up the indigenous peoples of the Americas to You - we pray for You to raise up Christians to help guide the way to full reconcilation, breaking the bondages of the past and the pain of wrongdoing. We pray specifically for Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, and Guyana, that their transitions will result in peace and justice. Thank You Lord that You have seen all these issues develop; You know all the answers. We love You Lord. In Jesus' name, amen.

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