Monday, January 02, 2012

A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - January 2 (Day 2)

For the next two days of our journey, we get to focus on praises - answered prayers for the world. Isn't that awesome?! What a great way to start our journey - focusing on what God has already done. It's a great reminder, as Henry Blackaby says in Experiencing God, that God is always at work and we are just joining Him in His work. As we pray today, let's also thank God for the invitation to join us in His work for this world He loves!

Today, we are focusing on pages 4-7 of Operation World (again, my page numbers always refer to the paperback edition) - specifically Answers to Prayer #1-6. Please read through them at this time. Once you have read through them, we'll pray together. My prayer is listed below.

My prayer for today: Oh Father God, I am amazed and overwhelmed at how we see Your work over the past centuries, often and usually through the weakest of vessels. I am continually amazed that you somehow reveal Your wisdom to spiritual beings through the church, as Paul tells us in Ephesians 3. As broken and weak as we are, and as imperfectly as we've done things, You have used missionaries over the years in amazing ways. Today, we see the fruit of that in these answered prayers. Thank You, God, for the harvest of believers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Thank You that the typical Christian is no longer a white westerner. God, You are glorified when Your body is so diverse. We have so much to learn from the other parts of Your body. Help us be humble students. Thank You for the growth of evangelical Christianity, not for any denomination's sake but as people just learn to take You at Your Word and believe You want them to share their faith. Thank You for progress among the unreached, for the prayer movements and renewal movements, for all the creative ways You are at work in Your world. And Lord, thank You for convicting us that missions is more than words, that it must come with demonstrations of Your love and compassion in practical ways. Thank You for the growth of aid and development as we have grown to understand that we take the whole gospel to the world. Thank You for the open doors this gives, as people go to serve You by serving the poor and needy. Please continue to throw open doors to meet practical needs and give those workers discernment and boldness in sharing the Gospel as well. Thank You Jesus, Amen.   

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Arthur Roshkovski said...

Thank you for starting this blog, I will be praying with you and the thousands around the world everyday!

Glory to Jesus Christ!