Thursday, January 12, 2012

A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - Jan. 12 (Day 12)

We've reached a turning point in our journey. Our broad overview has ended and we are beginning to narrow the lens just a little bit, going in-depth continent-by-continent. Operation World  will continue to paint broad brushstrokes at this point, but we will begin to appreciate a bit more of the specifics in this vast, diverse world that God has created. If you imagine the first leg of our journey as a plane ride, this next leg is akin to a meandering boat ride around each continent. Let's get our sea legs ready for a trip up and down the Nile in our first continent -- Africa.

Today, simply read about Africa as a country on pages 28-32. Take special note of the map of religions on page 28; the vast differences will become key points for prayer in the days to come. Be sure to look down the list of African countries - if you're like me you'll be surprised at a few countries that you might have misplaced in your mind's geography! Finally, as you read the description of the continent on pages 30-32, seek to really feel God's heart for this amazing continent. Africa seems to be the one place that Christians in the west say they are afraid God will send them to if they fully surrender to Him. Let's make our time with God today one of surrendering to have HIS heart for Africa -- wherever He has called us to serve. When you're ready, come back here for our prayer time together.

My prayer for today: Oh Lord, I thank You for Africa - for the rich Christian heritage of some of its countries, from Ethiopia where the eunuch returned after believing on You, to Algeria where Augustine was born and wrote so much of the works that the church still treasures today, to Egypt with its long history of a faith community ... Lord, we know that African countries are mentioned many times in Scripture, and we know that You have a heart for every people group there. Lord, we read today of the traumas within Africa - the wars and destruction; the extreme need for food and clean water; the struggles to maintain stable political systems in many places -- and we are reminded that Your word tells us that what You require of us is to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with You. Lord, we ask You to help us do that with Africa. Guide the church in wisdom for how to best help African countries for the long term - physcially and spiritually. Lord, over the next few days, please give us Your heart for Africa. We obviously are not all called to go there, but we commit our prayers for the next few days fully and completely to You Lord. Help us love Africa through our prayers, and if you want us to be involved in giving or going, please make that clear to each of us as well. Thank You, Lord, for creating Africa with all its richness. In Jesus' name, Amen.  

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