Thursday, January 19, 2012

A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - January 19 (Day 19)

Our journey through Africa the past few days has led us up and down the Nile and across the Sahara, around the coast and to the Horn. Today, we pack our suitcases for a trip to a place of great diversity and uniqueness - the Americas. Over the next 6 days we'll once again get a closer "boat-level" tour through North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Many of us in this group are from this corner of the world -- so the challenge for us is a bit different than when we took our overview of Africa. Wherever you are from, for the next six days, let's try to suspend our presuppositions and look at this section of the world with fresh eyes. As you begin your prayer time each day, ask God to help you see from a new perspective - His.

For today, please gain an overview of the diversity of this part of the world by reading the statistical facts in the blue boxes on pages 41-48, then return here for prayer.

Reading the overview of each section of the Americas and looking at the country lists makes me eager to get to know each country better and spend significant time in prayer for each one. For now, though, our focus is on the region as a whole and on gaining a bit more of the big picture as it relates to this region. As you go through Operation World you will begin to see more and more the regional influences on a country. So much of a people's worldview - the part of us that says "this is how it is" - is consistent across regions, even though there are subtle differences. That's why these regional empahases are so helpful. Let's pray about this today!

My prayer for today: Lord, what a unique civilization You brought out of this region called the Americas. So much richness and diversity, for so many centuries isolated from the rest of the world, yet never invisible in Your heart. We thank You, Lord, for this section of the world You created. We see how much You have done here and at the same time some of the harmful things that were done in Your name. We know that this region needs a fresh touch of Your Spirit, healing of some deep wounds, and a touch on some very real needs. It's encouraging to know that from the tiniest island in the Caribbean, to the vast open expanses of northern Canada, to the bustling cities of the US, to the farms and villages throughout much of the region -- You are at work, You are there, and You care. Thank You, Lord, for that reality. We ask You to open our eyes and help us see things through Your eyes these next few days. In Jesus' name, amen.  

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