Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - Feb 1 (Day 32)

Europe. For centuries, this continent was equated with Christianity. In fact, for nearly 1000 years it was considered the "last bastion of Christendom". Church-state unions abounded throughout Europe, and many countries continue to have official churches. With the Reformation came a resurgence of missionary zeal which has impacted the world over the past 250 years. Sadly, during that same time the church in Europe has declined dramatically, leading some to call it "the new dark continent".

For the next five days, our focus will be on Europe. For today, please read pages 72-75 (map, country list and blue box) to gain an overview of this continent. Then return here for prayer time.

My heart is full today with an assurance that while Europe has largely forgotten God, God has most definitely not forgotten Europe! He has been at work breaking down walls both spiritual and literal, opening doors and revealing to the world a church that faithfully endured 50 years of communism. As we pray today, let's ask God to give us His heart for Europe. Then watch the video below and ask God to awaken the dry bones of Europe's Christian heritage. (This song was written by Robin Mark of Ireland - you can read his description of how God gave him this song here.)

My prayer for today: Lord, You have done so much in and through Europe. You have empowered and equipped people for scientific discoveries, technological advances, missionary fervor - in so many ways Europe's history represents the awesome things that can happen when people walk out their faith in spiritual and practical ways. Today, though, Europe is hungry Lord, and many don't even realize it. Europe has allowed secular thinking and false belief systems to replace the deep truths of Biblical Christianity that nourished it for centuries. Lord, we lift Europe up to You today and ask You to move within the hearts of Your people there. Reawaken them to worship You in spirit and truth. Fill them again with a new vision of reaching their circles of influence for Your kingdom. Raise up the dry bones and give them new life in Your Spirit! Lord, we ask You to place upon the hearts of many people a burden to pray, give, and go to Europe. For us over the next 5 days, Lord, we ask You to give us Your heart for Europe as we pray. In Jesus' name, amen.

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