Monday, January 30, 2012

A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - January 30 (day 30)

Today we continue our prayers for the church in Asia. Please read pages 66-68, "The Church in Asia - South Asia" "Southeast Asia" and "East Asia", then return here for our prayer time.

Today's areas of Asia are a shift in focus from the Muslim world to a world more characterized by Hinduism and Buddhism. There are still plenty of Muslims in these areas of Asia, though, as well as a growing church. In some cases, the church is very much a missionary sending church as well. The church in this portion of Asia is still persecuted, but not typically struggling for survival as in yesterday's areas. They still need our prayers, though!

My prayer for today: Oh Lord, thank You for the growth, vision, and example of the church in much of South, Southeast, and East Asia! Thank You for the missions vision of tribal churches reaching their own or similar tribes in India; for the vision of the Filipino church to see its economic migrants as missionaries; for China's Back to Jerusalem movement and the large number of missionaries from South Korea. Lord all these are so faithful to You! But we pray today Lord for the church in these areas as well. We pray for the nominalism and decline in Sri Lanka and the traditional churches of India and Pakistan. Awaken them from their sleep; help them to see that they are asleep in the light and help them regain their evangelistic vision. We pray for the areas where the church is underground -- give them courage, wisdom, and ultimately freedom to worship openly. Lord we ask You to help the church throughout this part of the world stand firm in the face of persecution of all types - top down from government officials, or familial pressures, or societal struggles. For the churches that have been around a few generations, help them to fight the deceptiveness of riches - guide them to serve You alone and not money. We come against the lie of the prosperity gospel and success and ask You to remind them of their call to die to self and suffer if need be for Your kingdom. Help those churches that are faithful to send to be aware of the need to focus on the message, but not necessarily duplicate formats. Raise up leaders who have wisdom to learn from past mistakes. Lord the church in Asia is strong. Help them to become even stronger for your glory and kingdom purposes.

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