Monday, February 27, 2012

Prayer for Azerbaijan: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey, Feb. 27 (Day 58)

Today our global prayer journey plants us in the middle of a country that is filled with political turmoil. Yet in the midst of these challenges, a growing church is emerging. From 40 believers in 1991 to a conservative 3000 (and possibly as high as 6000) today, the Azeri church is emerging with is own style of music, literature, poetry, and worship. Please read pages 126-129

For many of us, this will be a first introduction to Azerbaijan. Good travelers should always seek to immerse themselves in a new country to truly begin to understand it. Today's video provides a great historical and spiritual overview of Azerbaijan and gives us suggested ways to pray in addition to the points listed in Operation World.


prayer friend in Canada said...

Thank you, Rosa! I have been praying using the OWorld and especially focusing of different aspects each year, as there is so much to digest. Missions Catalyst made me aware of your site. Adding the prayercasts will be a welcome addition to keep me praying and I appreciate joining with your written prayers also. Thank you again for these posts helping us to pray together and more often for our world! Until Jesus returns, a prayer friend in Canada

Rosa said...

Thanks, Canadian friend! That's a great idea about taking a different aspect each year. You're right, there's a lot to digest. Last year was my first time to go through it. Have a great day!