Friday, February 03, 2012

A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - Feb. 3 (Day 34)

Today we hit our knees to the ground to pray for some big needs across Europe. Please read pages 76-79, "Hot Spots of Europe" and "Trends to Watch", then return here for prayer.

Did your heart ache, like mine, to read the summary description of Europe: "Europe can be regarded not only as postmodern, but also post-rational and certainly post-Christian....the regions of the world where relativism, individualism, and existentialism reign supreme are also spiritually the bleakest." As I read through these hot spots and trends I couldn't help but think of the book of Judges, where "everyone did what was right in his own eyes." Oh, how glad I am that "where evil abounded, grace much more abounded". May He give a greater grace to Europe than it's ever known.

My prayer for today: Lord, Europe is standing in the need of prayer today. Far be it from us that we should sin against You by refusing to pray for Europe. We ask You, Lord, to turn the heart of Europe back to its roots in truth. We pray Lord that You would start by reversing the rejection of Your Word of truth. Give them a solid foundation of Your word. We ask You to embolden the Christians that are there to stand firm, and we pray that their certainty will be attractive to a generation raised on empty relativism. We ask You Lord to raise up prophets within Europe who can help them connect the dots to their past heritage and their present freedom, and call them to repentance and return to You. Help believers continue to be bold in outreach and wise in dealing with their cultures. We pray for political stability Lord, especially in the areas of Russia, the Caucasus, and the ethnic enclaves within Spain, Northern Ireland, Modolva, France, and other nations. Oh Lord, one of the saddest deeds of the flesh now going on in Europe is the prevalence of human trafficking. We ask You to fight this evil and set the captives free. Raise awareness of this horrific evil and show the church how it can play a key role in the modern day abolitionist movement. Lord, increase the love of Christians for Muslims and draw believers to the side of those who are seeking truth. We pray for Your work in Europe to continue and Your word to go forth with power. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen. 

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