Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prayer for American Samoa and Andorra: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - February 14 (Day 45)

Happy Valentine's Day! What better way to show God's love today than to pray for a tiny country in the South Pacific and a tiny nation in the mountains between France and Spain. What a beautiful reminder that EVERY nation belongs to Christ and that not even the tiniest island or most remote mountaintop is too small for an outpouring of His Spirit! Please read pages 101-103, American Samoa and Andorra, then return here for prayer.

My prayer for today: Oh Lord, it is so reassuring to know You as Lord of all the earth. Your Word tells us that the islands belong to You; that the coastlands are yours; that every nation on earth owes its existence to You and that You gave them to Jesus as an inheritance. Lord, we lift up two of the tiny lands that are Yours today. We thank You for the impact evangelicals are having in American Samoa and as You to bless the work of their hands for Your glory. We pray for awakening and renewal in the churches and against the deception of the cults that are rapidly multiplying. Lord, please let the churches see the importance of Your Word and of drawing close to You. We pray that the indigenous people of American Samoa will find their destiny in commitment to You rather than in materialism. We repent for the materialistic example we have set and ask You to help Christians set a more godly example as we hold our resources loosely. Father for Andorra we also pray against materialism. Reveal that it is empty. We pray that You would break the bondages of those who use Andorra for their own greed. We pray for the Catholic Church in Andorra to experience a strong movement of Your Spirit to awaken the 90% who are Catholic. Lord we pray that You will expose and disarm the power of the occult and give truth a strong foothold. We pray for passion for the gospel and discernment to know truth from lies. Just as You revealed Your glory to Peter, James, and John on that mountaintop, we pray that the mountaintop of Andorra would see You in a new way. In Jesus' name, amen.

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