Saturday, February 18, 2012

Prayer for Argentina: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - February 18 (Day 49)

Today and tomorrow we pray for Argentina. Please read pages 109-112. Today we will pray through #3 on the Challenges for Prayer.

One of my favorite aspects of God awakening me to His global glory is being introduced, literally or virtually, to people I never would have known who teach me so much. As I prepared to write today's blog post on prayer for Argentina, God blessed me to learn about Pablo Sosa, an Argentine worship leader. Please take a few minutes to read this interview - it gives some great insights on worship as well as on Argentinians.

My prayer for today: Thank You Lord for using natural circumstances to draw Argentinians back to You. Thank You for their increased commitment to their faith and justice and democracy. Thank You that the renewal has affected the nation and the world for Your kingdom purposes. Thank You for the revival in the jails. I pray for the success of Cristo la Unica Esperanza and for the prisoners in other prisons to see themselves as missionaries. I pray that the spiritual hunger will lead people to truth instead of cults and occultism. Please give strong discernment for the leadership of churches to know when these false teachings are creeping in. Lord, I ask You for spiritual protection and health for those at the forefront of the spiritual warfare that is very real. I pray that You will unveil the lies of spiritism and reveal to believers if they have subtly absorbed its dangerous teachings. Lord, please bring Argentine believers ever more deeply into an understanding of truth. In Jesus' name, amen.

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