Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Prayer for Australia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey, Feb. 22 (Day 53)

Australia may be at the "bottom of the world" but God has been doing some great things there. If you've ever been blessed by a song from Hillsong, then you've been touched to a small degree by the amazing, bold, worshipful Australian church. In many ways similar to the United States, Australia is facing the challenges of a pluralistic, post-Christian society head-on. Please read pages 117-123 and then return for our prayer which will cover the Answers and the Challenges through #5. (Note: the islands noted on pages 122-123 are listed as part of Greater Australia but are presented with their own specific needs.)

My prayer for today: Lord, thank You for the church in Australia - for their boldness and faith, their plans and their reliance on Your Spirit. Thank You for their missional approach and for the influence the church has had on the political leaders. Thank You for the biblical foundation of Australian law and ethics which led to a formal apology to the aboriginals. Lord, we lift Australia up to You today. We pray for believers to appropriately and lovingly engae their society in a way that kneads the truth of the Gospel into the national conversation. We pray for love and wisdom regarding the many immigrants - please help the churches to maintain an attitude of love even as immigration increases. Pray for wisdom regarding the environmental issues they face. Lord, we also pray for the church in Australian to lead the way in rejecting all sncretism and embracing truth alone. Help them lift Jesus up as solely sufficient. Give wisdom to those in holistic ministries to battle the legislation and hurdles they face. We pray for them to be a bold witness in the face of materialism. Oh Lord, we pray for more churches to grasp the missions vision and that they would minister to the less reached peoples who are coming to them. Thank You for Your work in Australia.

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