Thursday, February 02, 2012

A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - Feb. 2 (Day 33)

There is SO much to be thankful for regarding Europe! God has poured out His Spirit on that continent in many ways over the years and is not finished yet. Please read "Answers to prayer" pages 75-76.

These praises should encourage us as pray-ers. Many missionaries, pastors, and others with firsthand knowledge have directly attributed the fall of Communism and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall to the faithful, fervent prayers of the church behind the Iron Curtain. While there certainly were political elements, we know Who puts rulers in place and guides their steps! Ultimately, the overwhelmingly peaceful transitions in most country testify to divine intervention in the process. As we praise God today, let's remember that He's not done yet - greater things are still to come!

My prayer for today: Oh Lord, what a blessing it is to see a Europe free of communism, free of walls with guards. How encouraging to see answered prayers result in stable, free democracies. Thank You for the increased religious freedom and opportunity for Christians to publicly practice their faith. We pray they will do so, Lord! Thank You for the growth of evangelicals and charismatic movements, and their impact on traditional denominations. The prayer movements, holistic ministries, unity, and immigrant communities have all enriched the faith of Europeans dramatically Lord, and we thank You for them! Thank You for opening doors due to disillusionment, uncertainty, and even religions and atheism that is hostile to You - Lord these are reminders that You truly do redeem everything for Your kingdom purposes. Thanks for opening doors around Europe and through media - the globalization of our world is certainly an opportunity for Your kingdom purposes, and we pray for Christians to increasingly see it as such. Lord, we know You are not done. You have greater things yet to come for Europe. We ask You Lord to do what only You can do in Europe. In Jesus' name, amen.

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