Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Prayer for Angola: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - Feb. 15 (Day 46)

"Why were you in Angola?"

This line from Broadcast News is presented as part of an interview with a returning soldier who, at the end of his tour, never could really articulate why he had endured two years away from home. It's a sad commentary on the history of Angola, which endured almost 40 years of war. Innocent civilians were the ones who paid the highest price. Even today, 1 in 350 Angolans is a victim of landmines and the length of destroyed/damaged roads would go around the planet almost two times.

Angola needs prayer. Praise God He has been at work; evangelical growth quadrupled in 20 years despite the wars. Missionaries labored faithfully and maintained a good testimony without abandoning the nation. Truly one day when the Lord asks them, "Why were you in Angola?" they won't stumble to explain. The Great Commandments - loving God and loving others - and the Great Commission - making disciples - have clearly been their motives.

We now spend 2 days in prayer for this wartorn country. Please read "Angola" on pages 103-106. Today we will pray through #3 on the challenges for prayer.

My prayer for today: Lord, thank You, thank You, thank You for the faithful witness of the missionaries during the wartorn years and the fruitful harvest that has occurred since 1990. We thank You fro the peace that has been slow in coming but seems to be lasting. Thank You for the church leading reconciliation movements and for the universities and increased infrastructure. We pray for complete physical and emotional healing for those who have suffered in the wars. We ask You Lord for success in landmind removal and infrastructure development. We pray for resources to build homes, hospitals, schools and churches - signs of stability that are much-needed. Lord, we pray for those still living as refugees, especially the children. We pray against false accusations and trafficking. We pray for wisdom for those working with the refugees and children. Lord, help the church set a tone of forgiveness and love in action, especially toward those who hurt them during the war and Christians who compromised out of pressure and fear. Give the church wisdom for a proper relationship with the government. Lead Christians to live christ-like, holy lives that commend the Gospel. Bring unity amog all the churches and denominations. Thank You for loving Angola and not giving up on her over those horrible years. In Jesus' name, amen.  

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