Friday, March 16, 2012

Praying for Brazil: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - March 16 (Day 76)

Today we continue to pray for Brazil. Review pages 162-169. Today our focus will be on the Answers to Prayer and on challenges #1-4.

My Prayer for Today: Lord, we thank You for Brazil and the mighty work You have been doing there over the last half century. Thank You for the growth of the evangelical church and the missions vision of Brazil. We thank You for the example of Brazilian prayer movements and meetings and for the large turnout celebrating You when opportunities arise! How encouraging and convicting that so many are turning out to build bridges of unity and be a witness to their nation. We can learn much from this simple faithfulness. Lord, we lift up the challenges in Brazil today. We pray for the government as it fights corruption, poverty, crime, and racial concerns. Lord we know that Jesus is the answer to each of these and we pray for a large-scale revival in Brazil that would turn these trends around. We pray for wisdom to get at the root of the issues in each case Lord and for leaders with the boldness to address the problem. Lord, we pray that the spiritual openness will lead people to You but that all false belief systems will be exposed. We pray that You will tear down the high places and the spiritual strongholds that distract many from simple, pure devotion to You. We pray for the Catholic Church to have dramatic growth in the Bible circles and that this would be a transforming influence in the Church not only in Brazil but throughout Latin America and the world. We pray for the evangelical church to truly make disciples and not focus on numbers and prosperity. Raise up leaders and give wisdom in training leaders. Bring about true, lasting unity. In Jesus' name, amen.  

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