Sunday, March 25, 2012

Prayer for Cambodia - A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - March 25 (Day 85)

Today we continue to pray for Cambodia. Please review pages 185-189. Today we are blessed to have some insights from a worker on the ground in Cambodia, who remains nameless for security reasons.

The religion of Islam is rapidly growing in Cambodia; it's more than Christianity now. Please pray over the CHAM Muslim people here. There are only few missionaries are working amongst them. Human trafficking is also one of the problem. Please pray for the workers as well that they may find wisdom and supernatural strength as they minister to the patients/victims. Corruption is worse too.

Pray for the MK2021 [Mission Kampuchea year 2021] This is the movement here - the goal is to do church planting to each village around Cambodia. This is response to the the mission of Islam to saturate Cambodia to be an Islamic Nation in year 2021.

If God has stirred you to pray regularly for Cambodia, I strongly urge you to email and request the document "The Peoples of Cambodia". It's a 55 page  PDF document rich with information to guide you the pray with awareness.

Cambodia provides an important reminder that the need for prayer continues long after a season of war or violence ends. The church growth in Cambodia, accomplished mainly by indigenous evangelists, and church planters, is a result of many prayers poured out for generations. Yet the needs in Cambodia are extensive, and a deep healing is needed from the genocide that occurred in the late 1970s. Praise God that He is Jehovah Jireh and can provide healing at levels we'll never see! Let's pray for the church in Cambodia as they seek to be His hands and feet in the healing process.

My prayer for today: Lord, we thank You for bringing the church through the horrible genocide years and equipping them for the church growth that followed. We pray for them now, as they seek to make the most of the open door of ministry by meeting practical needs and offering spiritual hope. We pray against the spiritual darkness in Cambodia and ask You to intervene in powerful ways where people are most vulnerable, such as the sex trafficking victims and the child laborers.Lord, raise up leaders for the church who can step into the places left by those who fought the battle in the last generation. Bring unity and strength to the Cambodian church. Meet the deep needs of the nation as well. Lead the church to be fully holistic in meeting needs. We ask for this worker and her team, Lord, to have divine wisdom, strength, and direction. We pray for the CHAM people group to hear and respond to the Gospel and we ask for laborers to the harvest among them. We pray, Lord, for the success of MK2021 and pray for more church planters to meet head-on the challenge the enemy has thrown down. We know that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church's advance - we just need boldness to DO IT. Thank You, Lord.  In Jesus' name, amen.

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