Friday, May 25, 2012

Praying for France: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - May 25 (Day 146)

Today we continue to pray for France. Please review pages 340-345, then read the further insights from our Finnish friend living in France.
  • Pray for courage and investment into missions - both nationally and abroad. Most evangelical assemblies gather less than a hundred members, hence the scarce number of sending churches. Ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers into his harvest! (Luke 10:2) The following points exemplify different groups that the Gospel should reach in France:
  • Many native born French people are spiritual seekers having abandoned the [Catholic] faith of their parents or grand-parents. They turn to new spiritualities and sometimes to Asian religions. Each year, several New Age fairs and expos are organised in the bigger cities. Pray for these seekers to encounter Jesus. Pray for the Body of Jesus to find smooth and loving ways to meet them where they are in their spiritual search.
  • It is estimated that up to 10 % of the population has an Islamic background, and that 1/3 of them would be devoted Muslims. Pray for their eyes to open to the Son of God. Please pray especially for the following individuals living in the South of France: Jalila, Ovarda, Tamani and Tahar, as well as their respective families. Pray for courage and guidance to the ex-Muslims who are persecuted by their friends and family, especially when they visit their countries of origin (North Africa and the Middle East). Pray for the distribution of evangelistic books and DVDs at ports and inner cities.
  • There is an estimated half a million Jews in France. Pray for them to accept Jesus in their lives and really become True Jews. You might have heard the news of violences performed against Jewish school children a couple of months ago. Pray against the spirit of antisemitism in France.
 My prayer for today: Lord, I lift up France to You. I thank You for what You are doing there and for the unity that is beginning to emerge. We pray for the success of efforts toward unity and for the church to have wisdom against the spiritual strongholds, especially secularism. Lord, we pray for the churches to have a missional vision and truly seek to send laborers to the harvest. We pray for the church to have loving outreach to those involved in New Age, to Muslims, and to Jews. We pray against the spirit of antisemitism and ask You to protect those who might be victims of violence. Lord, we pray for Jalila, Ovarda, Tamani, and Tahar and ask You to watch over them. Be with Muslim Background Believers as they visit their families. Help them to maintain their testimony and have wisdom and love as they witness of You. In Jesus' name, amen. 

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