Thursday, May 17, 2012

Praying for Eritrea: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - May 17 (Day 138)

Today we continue to pray for the overwhelming needs of Eritrea. Please review pages 322-325.

My prayer for today: Lord, my heart is heavy for Eritrea. What a tragedy. Your word says that rulers are supposed to watch over people with diligence, and that they are given to see that what is good and righteous can be done and what is evil is punished. But Lord, in Eritrea the leaders have abandoned the people. Their physical needs are so great, and they live in such fear and instability. We lift them up to You Lord. We pray for you to bring peace with Ethiopia and a miraculous turnaround in the economic situation. Enable people to be able to work. Bring rains to the land and provide adequate food. Lord, we pray for the church in Eritrea. Thank You that the church is strong, that despite persecution the house church movement is growing. Help us know ways to meet their needs. We pray for those in refugees camps or transitions to hear and believe the Gospel. We pray as the unreached move throughout the world in search of asylum they would hear the Gospel. We pray for unity in the church and for true religious freedom. We pray for open doors for missionaries to go into Eritrea to meet spiritual and physical needs. We pray for Your mighty hand to be on Eritrea. Pour Your love and Your Spirit into this dry and thirsty land, Jesus.

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