Sunday, May 20, 2012

Praying for Ethiopia - A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - May 20 (Day 131)

Today we continue to pray for Ethiopia. Please review pages 327-331. We'll focus on pages 330-331.

My prayer for today: Lord, Your purposes for Ethiopia are not complete. We know that You have done much in this land, but to finish the task the church needs strong and wise leaders. We pray for teachers who are godly and steeped in Scripture. We pray for students who wish to give themselves to serious study of Your Word and of ministry. We pray for You to work within the denominational Bible school as well as the TEE programs. Lord, we pray for You to equip the church to meet the challenge of Islam. Fight against the enemy's efforts to destroy the Christian heritage of Ethiopia. We pray for the young people to be able to attend school and find work and that the churches would recognize how vital it is to reach the young. Lord, bring churches into the fight against AIDS and guide the Christians who are already working there. We pray for strong success among the less evangelized people and those working on Bible translations. Lord, thank You for Your word and your work in Ethiopia. In Jesus' name, amen.

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