Sunday, May 06, 2012

Prayer for Cyprus: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - May 6 (Day 127)

Cyprus is one of the Biblical countries that retains the name by which it is featured in Scripture. Cyprus gave us early church leaders and was the site where Barnabas and Mark ministered after their split from Paul & Silas.

Today, Cyprus is yet another divided country. Most of the world recognizes only one government, but Turkey recognizes two. Within Cyprus' borders lie two distinct religious segments, yet there are signs of increased interaction between the communities. Cyprus plays a key role for many Middle East ministries, so peace and freedom here impacts a huge portion of the unreached Muslim world. Please read pages 295-298 and lift up both segments of Cyprus today.

My prayer for today: Lord, we see Cyprus and see the strategic role You've allowed it to play in Biblical history and modern missions. We know that the enemy wants to destroy Cyprus' effectiveness for Your work. We ask You Lord to reach down and bring peace between the two Cyprus communities. We pray for a unified future where true relationships can be built. We ask for a renewal within the Orthodox Church for Your glory; for the fruitfulness of New Testament distribution; and for unity among evangelicals and Orthodox rather than mistrust. We pray for the Muslims areas to be spiritually open and hungry to know more of who You are. We pray for understanding of the political situation by Christians and for wisdom in finding a solution. We ask for protection and wisdom for the church among the Turkish Cypriots. Thank You for Your work here, Lord Jesus.

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