Sunday, October 14, 2012

Praying for Russia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 14

Today we continue to pray for Russia, focusing on the Geo-ethnic Regions of the Russian Federation. These are regions that are ethnically distinct and occasionally sources of violence due to ethnic conflict. Please read about the first, the Southern Federal District, on pages 712-715.

My prayer for today: Lord, we hear of the conflicts in the Caucasus and they seem so far away, so distant from our daily lives. Yet for the people in this region, they are just one more struggle in a challenging life. We pray, Lord, for peace. We pray for sufficient food, clothing, and employment for the people in this region. We pray for purpose that will replace violence. We pray for a fair solution to the problems and wisdom, restraint, and moderation to prevail. We pray for the radical Islamist plans to be thwarted and for the region to experience religious freedom. We pray especially for the church in Dagestan, struggling for survival amidst violent extremist groups and caught in the middle of Muslim-on-Muslim violence. We pray for North Ossetia to exemplify righteousness and justice so that people can see the practical impact of light and truth. Guard and protect your servants as they seek to live out Your Word in this challenging place. In Jesus' name, amen.

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