Thursday, October 18, 2012

Prayer for Samoa, San Marino, and Sao Tome & Principe

Today's prayer focus covers islands on three continents! Let's ask God to lift us up in the Spirit (like Phillip or Ezekiel) so we can truly see His heart for each of these tiny lands that He loves. Please read pages 724-727 about Samoa, San Marino, and Sao Tome and Principe.

My prayer for today: Lord, we thank You for the presence of the church in Samoa in each village, but we pray for the strength of the church. We pray for revival and unity among the churches. We pray for the churches to meet practical needs and keep themselves unstained from the world. We pray for a Biblical faith that will safeguard against Mormonism or any other false system of belief. We pray for the churches to send missionaries and be revived by experiencing the power of the Gospel where Christ has not been named. For San Marino, Lord, we pray for those who are believers in name only to have a life-changing encounter with Jesus. We pray for evangelicals to take the opportunity to exercise religious freedom by sharing the Gospel. For Sao Tome and Principe, Lord, we pray for the Holy spirit to convict where there is syncretism and ancestor worship, and for the sovereignty of Jesus to be clearly shown. We pray for locally led, culturally relevant congregations with effective leadership to emerge. Be magnified in all these lands, Lord, in Jesus' name, amen. 

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