Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Praying for Peru: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 2

Today we pray for a large country with a growing evangelical population. Please read pages 678-682, then watch this video and read the insights from one who has ministered in Perus, and pray for Peru today.

PERU!! A beautiful country with beautiful people...people who are open to the Gospel--who will listen intently to those who share the Good News...in taxis, on buses, in parks, on the roadside--they want to hear, they want to know that there is Hope. The kids, with their big brown eyes, who are so excited to come to an outreach at a local church- to sing and to dance, and to learn the Word of God.  They are such bright lights in their communities...Please join me today as we pray that God will continue to reach the lost in Peru and do mighty things through the believers there.
Lord, we pray for Peru today...Thank you for the great rise in evangelical Christians in Peru.  Thank you for the way you grew the church during the years of persecution by the terrorist groups and government.  Thank you that the number of indigenous believers is on the rise and for the wonderful work of the Bible translators in the mountains and jungles. Lord, please continue to raise up native pastors and leaders to encourage and strengthen the body. And help the many denominations work together to reach the people of Peru and beyond. We pray for more student ministries to be developed to reach the universities throughout Peru. And Lord please send people to minister to the street children in Lima.  Help them come to you for satisfaction and for guidance, and use them to reach the other children who are lost.  Bring a revival in the streets of Lima, Lord. We trust you with this country, Lord.  We know you have marvelous things, yet to do!In Jesus' name, Amen.


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