Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Prayers for Romania: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - October 10

Today we begin 2 days of prayer for Romania. Please read pages 700-704, then share with this Romanian believer in praying God's heart for his country.

Romania is a country that has been open to all kinds of spiritual influences both good and bad since 1989 when communism fell. We see now that people are open but a lot of Christians are fearful and very timid in their testimony to the greatness of Jesus. There is a spirit of fear that blocks people in being brave proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel to those around them. I think this may be one of the deep roots of the lack of abundant fruit in Romania.

Another one is the legalism that permeates both the Orthodox church as well as many evangelical churches. This stems out of moral performance and that is birthed by a prideful spirit.

Pray also that the Person of Jesus would be more dear and precious to Christians than their own reputation with other people.

"Father I pray for boldness for all of my Romanian brothers and sisters in Jesus, who are followers of yours, that we would be able to overcome a spirit of fear by the power of the Holy Spirit and that we would courageously proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus and make His Name known among many people in Romania. May you help us overcome a spirit of legalism by a deeper understanding and experience of Your grace!"

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