Friday, June 15, 2012

Praying for Holy See (The Vatican): A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 15

One of the ways Operation World has opened my eyes is helping me see the work of multiple types of churches in missions. Since Holy See (The Vatican) is legally its own country (a city-state), we are privileged today to pray for the "home base" of the church claimed by the majority of Christians in the world. Catholic missions have had a huge impact on the world. In fact, it took a couple of centuries after the Reformation for Protestant missions to arise and find a place in the church. During those years, Catholic missions were going strong. The Pope is both head of state and head of the largest religious body on earth. As he weighs in on global issues, his words reverberate profoundly. Please read pages 396-397 and join me in prayer today.

My prayer for today: Lord, we cannot underestimate the impact of what happens in the Holy See. We pray for Pope Benedict and his advisors to have wisdom about the  political and spiritual issues that come before them. We pray for You to use the Vatican's influence for Your glory. Embolden the Pope to speak out about the issues that are on Your heart and to strengthen the church to do good and to fight against evil. We pray for spiritual leadership as the church reconsiders many doctrines and addresses loss of credibility through various scandals. We pray for the Church to recapture the essence of the Gospel and to remove anything unbiblical from its forms and practices. We pray for the church to have a deep spiritual renewal. Let the charismatic renewal become a bridge to other Christian groups. We ask for radical conversion and true transformation by individual Catholics, and for sound doctrine to be taught by bishops and priests in all countries. We pray this church will be a visual reminder of Your righteousness and holiness, as it is the only church that many unbelievers know. We pray for purity within the church. Thank You for using this church over the centuries; we ask You to use it again Lord, for Your glory alone, amen. 

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