Saturday, June 09, 2012

Praying for Guinea: A 365-Day Global Prayer Journey - June 9

Today and tomorrow we pray for Guinea. Please read pages 384-387. 

What an encouragement to read that Guinea's missions vision is deepening and God is giving great unity, coordination, and research among the foreign mission groups as well as a growing indigenous movement! One of the significant steps in reaching any unreached people group is getting that group's believers to the point that it can truly be a self-sustaining movement, reaching their own people. This takes leadership, resources, and vision. At each step, the "outsiders" must increasingly step back and let the nationals begin to grow and lead. This is happening in Guinea, and it's a matter for prayer focus today!

My prayer for today: Lord, thank You so much for the transformation in Guinea! Thank You for the stability, the religious freedom, the efforts to the unreached, and the missions vision. Thank You for the unity, for the coordination and research, and for the training efforts. Lord, we pray for the growing indigenous missions movement in Guinea to be founded solidly on Your Word. Help them learn to lead with humility, wisdom, grace, and truth. We pray for the continued growth of the church and the evangelization of the 37 unreached groups as well as the strengthening of believers already in the churches. We pray against the enemy's efforts to destroy young believers; take them firmly into the foundation of Your Word. May the gates of hell not prevail against Your church in Guinea, Lord Jesus! 

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