Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prayer for Guyana: A 3465 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 12

Guyana has seen such a turnaround - from an atheistic country to full freedom of religion with over 50% Christian population! what a huge praise, with continued responsiveness and unity to this day. Please read pages 390-392.

My prayer for today: Lord, what an encouragement to read about Guyana, how You transformed the country and delivered them from atheistic rhetoric into religious freedom. Thank You for the unity and responsiveness to the Gospel. Guyana still needs Your touch Lord, with the threats from Venezuela and Suriname, as well as the racial divisions. We pray Your enduring hope will come to Guyana as You transform this nation with the Gospel. We pray for continued growth among the churches and for racial unity to begin within the congregations. We pray for believers will show the power of the Gospel with their unity, their words, and their lives. Raise up missions vision for the unreached people groups and other religions within their borders. We pray against the enemy's efforts to infiltrate the church with spiritism, witchcraft, and other demonic assaults. Grow the church in maturity and vision. In Jesus' name, amen. 

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