Thursday, June 07, 2012

Prayer for Guadeloupe and Guam: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey, June 7

As with many Caribbean nations, Guadeloupe's history is marred and in many ways defined by the legacy of slavery. As in every nation, the need to reach the root causes of problems will make a huge difference. These root causes are spiritual, of course, but are also manifest in specific ways. Read about Guadeloupe on page 378 to understand a little more about this nation.

Guam's legacy has been defined by outsiders in many ways, for both good and bad, especially with the U.S. Military presence since World War II. Details about Guam are on pages 379-380.

My prayer for today: Lord, in both Guadeloupe and Guam we see severe impacts that have been made by those who came into the country in the past for their own purposes. We see the pros and cons of these, but Lord we also see that the most important impact that should be made in either country is the impact of Your presence. We pray for Your Spirit to fall in a strong way in Guadeloupe and in Guam. For Guadeloupe we ask for true freedom and for economic justice to prevail. We pray against the racial tension and class envy; please let the love and peace of the Gospel transform and uplift Guadeloupe. We pray for true repentance and surrender to the Lordship of Christ. We pray against legalism and for such an outpouring of Your Spirit that believers will learn to trust the Holy Spirit in their own lives and in each others' lives. For Guam, Lord, we pray for the positive impact it can have in Micronesia to expand to influence of the Gospel. We pray for unity and spiritual power from the Holy Spirit. We pray for Biblical righteousness to shape Guam, rather than American culture. We pray for a church to emerge among the Chamorro. We pray for the missions outreach from Guam to the rest of the world to be fruitful. Thank You for Your work in Guam among the Prison Fellowship and Christian radio; raise up laborers for the harvest. Complete what You have started in Guam. 

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