Monday, June 04, 2012

Praying for Gibraltar: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey, June 4

Today and tomorrow the Operation World focus is Gibraltar and Greece. Today, we will focus on Gibraltar. Tomorrow, Greece draws our prayerful attention. Please read page 369-370 today.

My prayer for today: Lord, you see the tiny nation of Gibraltar with its religious freedom and significant place geographically. We pray, Lord, that You will strengthen the church. Bring unity and a strong emphasis on Scripture; bring revival Lord so Gibraltar can fully become everything You want it to be. We pray for You to use Gibraltar strategically with North Africa - open doors no one can close, and enable them to be faithful to the call. We pray for Christians to have love for the Muslims among them and be sensitive to opportunities to share about Jesus. We pray for laborers for this harvest field. Thank You for having such an awesome opportunity for this tiny nation. Equip it to rise to the challenge.

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