Thursday, June 14, 2012

Prayer for Haiti: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - June 14

Today our prayer time for Haiti features insights from one of our group members who has ministered there on numerous occasions. Please review pages 392-396, then read Sarah's insights about this precious land. She also includes photos below the prayer.

Today we will be focusing our attention on Northern Haiti. Unlike Port-au-Prince in the south, cities in the north were not effected by the devastating earthquake. However, similar to in the southern region, the effects of economic, environmental, social and spiritual issues face the northern communities.

Prayer points for Northern Haiti:

-Church planting efforts - Specifically, one new church plant in the northern city of Cap Haitien that is located within a landfill community. Pray for God to use this church to reach the impoverished community. (Pictures: IMG_9472 and IMG_9475) (Video link: This church is one of several church plants in Northern Haiti planted by Vision of Hope Ministries ( and their video can be found at: 

-New blended value business ventures - Several new business ventures are in the process of starting in Northern Haiti. Among the projects are: a water packaging business (Picture: IMG_1981) and a recycling business (IMG_1739). Both businesses seek to address spiritual, social, economic and environmental issues facing Haitians. The strategy is Christ-centered social transformation because behind every issue in a society is a person who has a need for Christ. 

Lord, thank you for the work you are doing in Haiti and specifically Northern Haiti. Thank you for the leaders you have raised up to faithfully carry the task of testifying to your grace. We pray specifically for church planting efforts in Northern Haiti by Vision of Hope. Please give wisdom to the new pastor of the plant started in the landfill community. Help him to boldly proclaim the gospel and discern the best ways to meet the physical needs of his community (water, food, disease, and need for jobs). Lord, also please have your will with the business ventures that are in the start-up phases. Allow these projects to be a way for individuals to experience your love, grace and provision, as well as to come to understand how they can care for others and for God's creation. Lord, we ask that you would break cycles of poverty that trap many and break any strongholds created by Voodoo. Father, we trust that you are working in Haiti and have a plan to redeem and restore. In Jesus' holy and powerful name, Amen.

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