Thursday, December 27, 2012

Prayer Networks: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - December 27

Over the course of this year, I've learned so much about committed prayer. I've learned how hard it is; how much warfare is involved; how it's easy to rush through it and not give into it with my whole heart. I've learned the importance of Scripture in my prayers, and I've learned they are pointless without a divine infusion of the Holy Spirit to take those words to God through Christ. I've learned that God is sovereign but He uses the prayers of His people. In short, like each of you I've learned that prayer IS the greater work.

Today we are privileged to pray for other prayer warriors. Please read pages 923-929. You'll see prayer networks, resources, focuses, and special days of prayer. God may use one of these to stir your focus for a region, country, or emphasis He has placed on your heart this year. However you pray, let's use what we've learned this year to pray for these prayer efforts.

My prayer for today: Oh Lord Jesus, we know like never before that prayer IS warfare. It matters a lot - more than we realize. So Lord, today we lift up to You the prayer networks, resources, focuses, and special days of prayer compiled in Operation World. We know there are many more unlisted, and we lift up those efforts too. Please infuse them with Your Holy Spirit. Take their words, combine them with Yours, and lift them up as an offering of love to God. We pray for faithfulness on the journeys these individuals are on. For the prayer leaders, I pray for a special anointing and sense of Your presence. Prayer is such an invisible work and it's sometimes easy to get discouraged; I pray that You will give them encouragement when they need it the most and enable them to persevere whether they have one prayer partner or a million, whether they get feedback or not, whether they see fruit or not. You know, Lord. And we pray that they will fight for unity in the Spirit, so they can keep pressing on in this great work of prayer. In Jesus' name, amen.

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