Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Prayer for Uruguay: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - December 12

The rapid evangelical church growth in Uruguay since 1995 is reminiscient of the book of Acts - doubling the number of believers in less than a generation. How exciting and what an answer to prayer! However, we sometimes forget that churches in the New Testament didn't immediately form with full doctrinal understanding. As most of Paul's letters indicate, the churches needed a lot of guidance to learn how to think correctly in their new faith. It's no different in Uruguay. Today's prayers focus on the church in Uruguay, but please read pages 870-872 for a fuller picture of what's going on in the country, before we pray together.

My prayer for today: Lord Jesus, thank You for the amazing growth of the church in Uruguay. Thank You for the unhindered gospel and the freedom of religion in this land. Lord, we pray for these churches to effectively know how to disciple the new believers. We pray for right, Biblical thinking and for all religious deceptions to be exposed and the demonic powers behind them defeated. Lord, we pray that Uruguayans will not tolerate any Gospel other than the truth, and we pray for the influential Catholic Church to emphasize Scripture and through Your Word, experience a resurgence of faith. Help the church to know how to move forward with evangelism and missions in Uruguay, Latin America, and the world.

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