Saturday, December 08, 2012

Prayer for the United States of America: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - Dec. 8

As I shared yesterday, it's been hard to discern how to pray for my own country. Last night, though, God woke me up with a clear indication of our prayer focus for today: We need to pray for our country - overwhelmingly filled with those who claim Christianity as their faith - to WAKE UP.

It's Advent - the days of preparation before Christmas Day, when we celebrate Jesus' coming. I haven't been able to get the words to Casting Crowns' "While You Were Sleeping" out of my head. What will we miss while we're sleeping? Are we a nation with room for its King? Or will we wake up and follow Him to the ends of the earth?

Please watch this video today, and pray with me for my country, its churches, and all those who claim to be Christians to wake up and open the doors so the King of Glory may come in.

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