Sunday, December 23, 2012

Prayer for Zambia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - December 23

We started with the world, then narrowed to an A to Z focus. Today, we hit the Z's. Please read pages 892-896, and join me in praying for Zambia today!

My prayer for today: Lord Jesus, we lift up Zambia and thank You for the freedom of religion and openness to Christianity. Thank You for the holistic ministries that have started, and we pray for more creative, ambitious, faith-filled individuals who seek the spiritual and economic transformation of their society. We thank You that the country chose to be a Christian nation, and we pray for a thorough national transformation along Biblical lines so that the country lives out what it has claimed. We pray for leaders to be dedicated to rooting out corruption and that the land will honor You. We pray for many to return to their land to be blessings and missionaries to their own people. We pray against the schemes of the enemy and ask You to be glorified in Zambia.

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