Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prayer for Vanuatu: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - Dec. 15

I simply cannot think of Vanuatu without remembering the title of a book I read by a missionary who went there. "The Man with the Bird on His Head" told the story of a man named John, from America, who went to Vanuatu as a side trip off a missions boat and walked right into the fulfillment of the beliefs of a "John Frum cargo cult" - groups set up after World War II that thought there would someday be loads of supplies coming from "John from America". The story beautifully tells how God used these presumptions to open a door for the islanders to hear the Gospel - and as a result, as Operation World notes, thousands have turned to Christ. The country was actually rededicated to the Lord in 2006. Please read pages 875-877 and pray with me today for a tiny speck in the Atlantic.

My prayer for today: Lord, how encouraging to read about Vanuatu and to see Your creativity in getting the Gospel to them. What a blessing to see a country devoted to You and standing on Your name! Please bless the church, bring unity to the Christians, and give them wisdom to fully evangelize the island. Lord Jesus, please guide the churches to know how to address their culture and respond to other belief systems that are taking room. We pray that the truth would be made manifest and the people to have a firm understanding of Your Word. In Jesus' name, amen.


Lou Ann said...

Just found your link through Communicating Across Boundaries. I hope that you will continue the 365 Global Prayer Journey again in 2013.

Lou Ann said...

Just found your blog through Communicating Across Boundaries. Hope and trust you will continue the global prayer calendar in 2013.

Rosa said...

Thanks Lou Ann. I won't be doing new posts, but the 2012 posts matching Operation World's prayer calendar will remain in my archives. I encourage you to get a copy of OW and then starting with Jan. 1 in your OW, follow through the 2012 posts!