Friday, September 21, 2012

Praying for Nigeria: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - September 21

Today, our prayer for Nigeria is led by a Nigerian believer who also gives insights about his own country. Please read his words below, and join your heart with his in prayer today.

I submit totally to the authority of GOD, in the name of JESUS CHRIST HIS SON, under the express guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT, with no regard whatsoever to my largely limited and finite wisdom, knowledge or understanding, on matters which will be relayed into my heart, in respect of a clarion call by fellow genuine followers of CHRIST, to rise up and make supplications to GOD on behalf of nations of this earth. This submission is also without regard or reference to none of any man’s utterances, quotation or documentation whatsoever; with the exception of one and only GOD’s word (the Holy Bible – New King James’ Version, 1982), as men were inspired by GOD to document (2Tim.3:16-17; 1Pet.1:20-21).
Therefore under this authority, I make bold to declare first, that it is essential to put a few terms into perspective, for proper understanding of this plight. By any reference to ‘world’, I mean a system created by men (a governing system) solely in their own wisdom outside GOD’s; Ways of life and living developed and instituted by men without GOD’s disposition; and a means by which things are done or accomplished by men, not at the expense of GOD. Also by ‘man or men’, it means man or men, regardless of gender or age, except when specified. By ‘earth’, I mean the one that GOD created for men to dwell in, to multiply on and have dominion over, including everything that were created on it for their sustenance as recorded in the book of Genesis chapters 1 and 2. By nations, I mean peoples who come together to live in unity for their common good, under an umbrella of tribes, tongues, cultures, resources....etc. By religion, I mean every other means of deity or worship outside the standard ordained by GOD as absolute Faith and belief in CHRIST. By Christianity, I mean a standard of living exemplified by JESUS CHRIST according to GOD’s word. By Christian, I refer to those who follow CHRIST to the letter under the sole tutelage of the HOLY SPIRIT as HE guides them into understanding of GOD’s word which they are bound to live out. By unbelievers, I mean anyone who is into one religion or the other, and is yet to accept the authority of JESUS as the SON of THE LIVING GOD and the only way by which anyone can reach GOD.

In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth.  The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the SPIRIT of GOD was hovering over the face of the waters......Then GOD saw everything that HE had made, and indeed it was very good (Genesis 1:1,2,31). Just as in any human establishment that employs people to do their bidding, GOD made man to inhabit the earth and do HIS will. But the fall of man to the antics of satan, required that GOD by HIMSELF, through HIS only begotten, in the form of Man, walk this earth, to restore man back to the original intention of GOD – to do HIS will. This is fulfilled according to the following Bible verses: “For GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten SON, that whoever believes in HIM should not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16). However, man, in his own wisdom has consistently failed in recognizing their purpose for existence, by going after self, material possessions and idols. Man will stop at nothing to ensure they satisfy their flesh because of their lust for the world. But the Scriptures cannot be broken because GOD inspired Holy men to put the Bible together. For instance, Bible says “Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the FATHER is not in him (1 John 2:15)”. This is in fulfilment of GOD’s mandate to restore man back to HIMSELF.

Nigeria is a country at the heart of Africa – the West African region. It is popularly referred to as the world’s most populous black nation. Nigeria has three main ethnic regions (Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo), with many sub-ethnic groups and several tribes and tongues (dialects). Nigeria is a nation that is blessed with immense human and natural resources, if properly exploited, is sufficient enough to cater for all the needs of Nigerians and other parts of the world.
The challenge Nigeria faces today is thought to be a result of colonialism. No doubts, but prior to the arrival of the colonial masters, we were outrightly into all kinds of idol worship. Even to date, in such a ‘modern’ dispensation, idolatry has not ceased, in fact it has adapted modern dimensions.
The Industrial Revolution ushered in a lot of wealth creation, prosperity, technological developments and advancement. This led many colonial masters to embark upon conquering other less developed nations and exploiting their resources for personal gains. Of course, many founding fathers of faith came to Africa to bring the Gospel of JESUS to our doorsteps, but many of the paid with their lives. While some lost out in their greed for the resources, some lost out fulfilling GOD’s will – CHRIST visited Africa through them.
Our colonial masters did not perform less worse than their predecessors. The amalgamation of different cultures and ethnicities as Nigeria ‘for a common good’ created the platform for our supposed unity. These slave masters were out to perfect their ‘divide and rule’ strategy, which to date is plaguing Nigeria.
The religious campaigns that swept across EurAsia, ‘in the name of GOD’ was perpetuated by supposed Christians and Muslims. This spread into Africa through the Northern regions and this is why to date, the Northern parts of Nigeria is predominantly Muslims. Whilst the Gospel of JESUS came through the South-Western part, hence the reason the Southerners are predominantly “Christians”. Therefore, in Nigeria, I will say we have those who believe in JESUS and those who do not.
As the Bible is set to fulfil all the prophecies given, many Christians are falling into the subtle arms of satan through democracy, money and politics. Democracy – because it is a viable tool to achieve mob brainwashing, as it requires eloquent and motivational speakers that are prospective personnel who can do the bidding of the world leaders. The rich, wealthy and powerful are controlling all the available resources, in the name of democracy. Whilst they continue to plunder the land, the poor are rendered helpless and they become desperate to have their means of survival through any means available. We now have many forms of sustenance – armed robbery, prostitution, forgery…etc. Be aware as well, that politicians will go to any length to ensure they are elected. This includes but not limited to ritual killings, oath swearing at idol shrines and so on.
Today, Nigeria is on a deplorable state of being as a nation. Although many Nigerians claim to be genuine followers of CHRIST, they are imminent perpetuators of evil and ungodliness. This is one of the many reasons we have all kinds of churches in Nigeria. An average street may have as many as 4 – 5 different denominations, all claiming to have been called by GOD. Unfortunately, through these means, the kingdom of hell is fuelling divisions among GOD’s children. Many Pastors start out well with clear vision of GOD’s mind, but have lost out to the coffers of politicians because they covet their ill-gotten wealth to “build” GOD’s Kingdom whilst they are busy amassing landed properties and material wealth, especially at the detriment of the sheep whom GOD has put under their care. Worst is that they preach a different Gospel from that which CHRIST came to deliver to man. They preach material prosperity, tithe giving, offerings, donations….all with the aim of plundering the ignorant.

Prayer Points for Nigeria
(a) GOD should create a hunger and thirst for HIM in the hearts of the ignorant, that they may recognize the need to depend on the Bible as their source of strength and not man.
(b) That the ignorant should come to the understanding of the need to live out GOD’s word through the help of the HOLY SPIRIT and not to satisfy the desires of their heart.
(c) That GOD should expose everyone doing the bidding of satan on every pulpit across the nation.
(d) That the Gospel of JESUS will again become a household norm in homes across the nation.
(e) That the kingdom of darkness will suffer a great blow in their plans to make Nigeria a Muslim nation, as the Gospel of JESUS keep reaching all those who come in contact with the truth of GOD’s word no matter which form it may take.
(f) That the Western nations will discontinue their campaign to institute ungodliness into ‘developing’ nations so that GOD’s word will have a root in the heart of men.

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