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Prayer for Mozambique: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - September 8

Today we continue to pray for Mozambique. Please review pages 605-609. We have some insights from a Mozambique believer today. Please read his words about his country and join in prayer.

Mozambique is a very beautiful country, with about 23 million of population, located in Southern Africa surrounded by the Indian Ocean and Six other Nations such as Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and South Africa!

Mozambique was colonized by Portugal, and Portuguese is one on the most spoken language, that almost the entire nation uses for communication, but apart from that there are many other native languages or dialects that is being spoken varying from place to place.

This people lived under the oppression of the Portuguese people for many years until the 25th of June 1975 that the country became independent, and the government expelled all the Portuguese people in 48hours to return to their own country! And the main and the only party FRELIMO (Front Of Liberation of Mozambique) that existed in that moment began to govern the Nation.

And we had our first president of Mozambique independent and Politically things changed to worse, the president died in a plane accident and the main Party that fought for the freedom and equality in rights became one of the main oppressors of the people, and many other parties were formed, and a new war began THE CIVIL WAR, which was one of the most devastating war ever, most people killed each other, buildings were destroyed, Industry, hospitals, schools, almost everything existed no more.

After Sixteen years of war this two main parties RENAMO ( National Resistance of Mozambique) and FRELIMO they signed a peace agreement in Rome Italy, that culminated with peace in the country and democracy was established!

But than a huge movement of corruption took place in the Nation, the President of Mozambique publicly said "A goat eats where he is placed." which meant to people that any worker was allowed to steal wherever they worked! So many people became rich specially those that were part of the main Party FRELIMO, because they had many advantages, but people from low cost, or from low social level became poor and poor!

They began to claim for justice, but no one can speak freely against the government, if they do so then their life can be in danger, and the party never wants to loose power, many election were ran but they stole the votes from another party that could possibly win and rule the Nation! But they did not manage. 


There is religious freedom in Mozambique, and Catholic Church is one of the biggest church in the country, and there are also some evangelical churches but with lots of Syncretism going on in the churches.

There also lots of unreached people groups in Mozambique, most of them are Muslims and they live more in the coastlands, these are one of the most difficult people to reach with the gospel, but they are not unreachable it is possible to reach them as long as you go on a long term mission.

And there are also a bunch of people that worship ancestors, basically are those with Animistic worldview, but these people are most easy ones to bring the gospel to, they respond positively because their belief does not have a strong foundation where it is based on.

So when praying for Mozambique you can consider praying for all of these points.

Pray for the Government
Pray for healthy churches
Pray against corruption
And pray for God’s Kingdom to be established

My prayer for today: Oh Lord, we thank You that You are bringing beauty from the ashes of Mozambique's civil war. We thank You for the growth of the church and the spiritual responsiveness of the people. We pray for wisdom for leaders to disciple these new believers and teach them to study Your word. Feed the eagerness of these people to learn with a strong dose of truth. Help them to mature individually and corporately. We pray for the church to play a key role in healing Mozambique's brokenness. We pray for the removal of all the land mines and for safety and peace for the people of Mozambique. We pray against dependence on outsiders and ask that You teach the church in Mozambique how to give sacrificially and depend on You. We pray for You to complete the task in Mozambique for Your glory alone. In Jesus' name, amen.

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