Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Prayers for Namibia and Nauru: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - September 11

Today our journey takes us to Namibia, a country that has seen the fruit of united Christian prayer. We also will pray for the tiny island of Nauru, where offshore banking was shut down in the face of money laundering, despite the financial loss! Please read pages 614-618.

My prayer for today: What a refreshing day of prayer, Father! We thank You for Namibia, for the national prayer movement and the fruit of prayer borne out in the new stability and economic progress, as well as the healing of scars from colonialism and apartheid. We thank You for the heritage of missionaries int eh 19th century. We ask You, Lord, to finish what has been started in Namibia. We pray for the leaders to address poverty, land ownership, and the AIDS epidemic with wisdom and determination. We pray for the restoration of Biblical faith that rejects the liberal theology as well as the syncretism of the Afro-Spiritist movement. We pray for the new religious groups to work together and see a revival. Raise up spiritual leaders who can lead the church to address spiritual as well as social issues in a biblical manner. For Nauru, Lord, how awesome to see a country that has rejected the god of mammon. Honor their action, Lord, by blessing them financially and restoring what was lost in ill-gotten gain. The economic problems in Nauru are real, and the people need real solutions. We pray for You to anoint men and women with gifts of entrepreneurship to lead Nauru into an honest, sound financial existence. Thank You for working in this land, Lord Jesus. Amen.

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