Monday, July 30, 2012

Praying for Kazakhstan: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - July 30

Another predominantly Muslim former Soviet state is our prayer focus for the next two days. God is at work in Kazakhstan! Please read pages 497-500.

My prayer for today: God, what a profound thing You are doing in Kazakhstan - multiplying the church, and strategically placing the believers in 2/3 of the country to this point, bringing racial and ethnic unity in some churches. We pray for continued growth and maturing of the church, for unity, for a witness of what the Lordship of Christ can look like. We pray for those trapped by folk Islam and the growing Islamist movement. We pray for deliverance from the deceptions of the Soviet era and for true freedom in Christ. We pray for total healing from the half century of Communism. Lord, we lift up the Christians in Kazakhstan and ask for a change in the laws to allow Bible colleges. We pray for creative ways to train leaders and for churches to be willing to embrace non-traditional models of training. We pray for more men to hear the call and follow Christ, and be called to leadership in the churches. Help the church identify cultural elements that are superceding Biblical truths. Lord, we pray for protection for those persecuted and for the growth of the young missions movement. We pray for success for the mercy ministries; let the church truly reflect Your kingdom come, Your will be done in Kazakhstan. 

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