Monday, July 09, 2012

Praying for Indonesia - A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - July 9

Today we focus our prayers on two islands of Indonesia that reflect the vast diversity of this land - its most populous (Java) which is primarily Muslim, and a much smaller one (Bali) that is predominantly Hindu. Please read pages 456-457.

My prayer for today: Lord, we are incredibly grateful for the receptivity to the Gospel shown over the years by the people of Java. We thank You for the growth of the church on this heavily populated island. We pray that the growth would continue to flourish and be incredibly fruitful. We pray for all religions to be protected against the violence that some radical Muslims have brought into this traditionally tolerant island. We pray for the persecution to purify and grow the church, and for Muslims who are persecuted by other Muslims to turn to Christian friends out of solidarity and mutual understanding. We pray for laborers for the harvest of the many unreached here. For Bali, Lord, we recognize the high cost of following You when they leave an already-minority religion to follow Jesus. We pray for boldness and wisdom for Christians who are sharing with Bali Hindus. We pray for those Bali migrants throughout Indonesia to be especially open to the Gospel and for Christians to be willing to befriend them. We pray for Scripture in the common language of the Bali people so that missionaries can have a tool that is useful to share the Gospel. Be at work in Bali for You glory, in Jesus' name, amen.

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