Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Praying for Indonesia: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - July 10

Today we pray for two more islands of Indonesia. Please read about the Sunda Islands (west and east), also known as Barat and Timor, on pages 458-459. Today we also have special insights from a servant of Christ who lives in the slums to carry His message of hope. Please read her words and pray as the Lord leads. Significantly, we are praying for Indonesia as they hold elections tomorrow!

Indonesia is the most populous Muslim nation on earth. Often when people hear Muslim they think of the middle east and not Asia. But the call to prayer cries out 5 times a day through the islands, often with multiple mosques in hearing distance competing for attention. "God is great. God is great" they call out in Arabic. And this I agree with...God is great. How I wish my friends knew WHY he is so great. That it is his love, his mercy, his kindness which leads us to repentance that is so great about him.

One of my main prayers for my friends here in the slums is for wholeness. So many families are broken. Secrets and adultery, arguments and abuse. Children who have no good examples of parents have children (they themselves are just teenagers). Brokenness on multiple levels. Problems that can only be overcome with the help of the Holy Spirit. It is my prayer, and I hope you will join me, that as these folks encounter the grace and love of God, that as they are able to accept it themselves, that they would in turn be able to extend grace and kindness to other people who are also unworthy of it. That such behavior would heal the wounds that go back generations.

Corruption is rampant in Indonesia. A friend once told me "Indonesia used to be second in the world in corruption...but we paid someone off and now we are number one!" Clearly a joke, but it shows the underlying sentiments of many in Indonesia who have lost faith in leaders on all levels. Elections (including for a new governor of Jakarta, a very powerful position) are to be held July 11. Pray for a peaceful election and for those who are given positions of power, that they would use their power for the good of all and not just for themselves.

Pray for the Indonesian church. In a country where the vast majority of people are Muslim, sometimes churches can get an "us vs. them" rather than and "us for them" mentality. Many churches are inwardly focused and have few activities which reach out to the larger community. Pray that there is a revival in the churches, that people would have the desire to serve outside the walls of the church and love those who are around them. Pray that they would have the love that drives out fear.

My prayer for today: Oh Lord God, our heart breaks for Indonesia. We pray for wholeness in the slums, for the people to encounter Your grace and mercy. We pray for the church in Indonesia to catch a vision for the world around them. Lord, we confess that we too sometimes have an "us vs. them" instead of and "us for them" mentality. Break our hearts when we sense this Lord. We join with the Indonesian church in learning Your way over our own ways. And for the elections, God, we pray for leaders who will bring justice and righteousness to the country, for a glimpse of Your kingdom to be born in Indonesia. We pray for the people of Barat and how unreached they are. We pray that You will use the two churches that are there to bring about a breakthrough for Your kingdom. We pray for young people to be deeply in love with Jesus and refuse to convert to Islam just to marry. Raise up Christians spouses for them and use their families to strengthen the churches and reach the island. Lord, we pray for laborers to be called to this island specifically and work for the completion of the task of reaching the whole world with the message of Christ. For Timor, Lord, we pray for a revival among the Catholic church. Send prophets who are willing to exhort the people to put away their idols and follow Christ along. Lord, how hard it must be to follow You without Your Word. Send translators who will quickly and accurately translate into the major languages of this island. Send teachers to share Your word with the people to help them understand why they should not mingle their pagan idolatry with worship of Jesus. Show Your power and love in a strong way. In Jesus' name, amen. 

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