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Praying for India states of Tamil Nadu, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, and the 7 Union Territories: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - July 4

I'm based in the United States, and today's date is one that represents freedom for us. What better way to celebrate freedom than to pray for the freedom of many still in spiritual bondage. Please read about the remainder of India's states on pages 440-446.  And if God has given you a heart for a specific portion of India, please seek to follow up and begin to connect with those He wants YOU to be part of reaching for His glory!

Today we have a special guest post from someone serving in Tamil Nadu. Her insights are excellent as we wrap up our time in India. May God use her insights to imprint the faces and hearts of these people upon your heart until all have heard.

I too am an intercessor and for the past few weeks have been sensing and also seeing what is going on in the spiritual realm in our nation.  Some of the points you can pray for: 
Pray for the young people of our country. The purpose and value they have is completely lost.  All they care about is financial abundance.  We have also seen major problems in the area of suicide, eating disorders, live in relationships, violence in the homes, child abuse prostitution on the rise.  Many young women become  Fashion models and end up in drugs and prostitution.  Pray for the church to rise up in this crucial hour and minister back to these people.  India is a developing country and so with the abundance and blessing we have invited a host of problems. 

Pray for the people in the Media industry. Chennai produces the most movies in India and along with this many girls lives are destroyed.  Many of them become alcoholics and drug addicts many girls are also trafficked to other countries.  Many times girls are sold into the industry by fathers who have too many girls and these young women lives are lost.  There are over 2,00,000 sex workers in our area as Chennai is a port city. 

Pray for the Street Children.

Pray for the Lepers as they are outcasts in this country. 

Pray for AIDS victims they are increasing daily.

Pray for Christian Education and educators in this area.  This way we can reach the children before the enemy has them.
Pray for the Church. We need to see revival come to the church and for the people to get a passion for the lost. 

On a special note.  You can pray for our ministry here in Chennai. Our Ministry is called Beach Training Center.  Here is a little about us: 

The Beach Training Centre is a ministry of YWAM situated in the city of Chennai, India. We are part of the Urban initiative to “transform lives to  transform nations”. We are an autonomous ministry from our inception in the year 1998. We are involved in inspiring young people to be dynamic, effective Christians through Discipleship. The Centre offers a unique multi-cultural, multi-faceted learning experience. The Beach Training Center is the first of its kind in the city of Chennai. We have 15 wonderful years behind us and tremendous stories of breakthrough in transformation of people’s lives and mission. The emphasis of this center is discipleship and leadership development to facilitate various church ministries of our country and beyond  and ministry centers within YWAM.  The Center began 15 years ago on January 1, 1998 with a team of 15 pioneers under the leadership of Richard and Cheryl Kleinman.  Our first school consisted of 19 students  from different parts of India.  Ever since then we have been able to disciple many young people from around India and different parts of the world. Our students have been involved in reaching out to the city in various ways. Our aim is not only to train but to use our training for the purpose of  evangelization, mercy ministries, church planting, Children’s Ministry, Counseling, Worship and intercession,  church ministries,  saturated prayer ministries and pioneering new works. 

We have two schools coming up in the next month they are the Discipleship Training School and the Ministry Leadership Development School.

My prayer for today: Lord, we are so thankful for all You have taught us about India. We thank You for the glimpse of Your heart You've given us. Lord, You love India far more than we ever will. We thank you for the privilege of partnering with You these past few weeks to truly see India move from darkness into light. We pray for the remainder of these states today. For Tamil Nadu, for the growth of the church to continue and the legacy of mission work to expand. For Tripura, we pray for the indigenous people to truly have wisdom in how to respond to the wrong treatment they are facing. We pray for them to respond in love and guard their hearts from bitterness. Lord, for Uttar Pradesh we pray for the Gospel to be made manifest in the midst of the suffering and wrongs. Tear down Satan's stronghold of Hinduism and raise a new stronghold of faith in Jesus. Thank You for the church but Lord they need so much help. Please send laborers to the harvest. In Uttarakhand, remove the barriers to the Gospel, and bring Christians who have a heart for upper caste Hindus. In West Bengal, we thank You for the love shown in Kolkata by Mother Theresa and the efforts made by William Carey. But we pray for You to raise up believers to finish the task they started. There are so any unreached. And Lord, for the Union territories, we pray for You to see and know their needs and so many are unengaged, send laborers who will commit their lives. In Jesus' name, amen. 

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