Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Praying for China Provinces & Municipalities: Fujian, Gansu, and Guangdong

We continue our prayer focus on China's provinces. Please read pages 230-232 (Fujian, Gansu, and Guangdong.)

My prayer for today: Lord, we ask You to pour out Your Spirit upon Fujian, Gansu, and Guangdong. Thank You for the history of Christianity in Fujian and we ask for openness to share the Gospel with the rest of the province. Lord, we pray against the revival of Buddhism and Daoism -- we ask that instead of these ancient influences resurging that the Christians in Fujian would lead the way in influencing others for Your glory. For Gansu, we ask for You to raise up leaders for the churches and pour out the gift of discernment to protect from aberrant sects. Send laborers to the harvest among the Dongxiang and Bonan, the Hui, and the Tibetan peoples. We pray that the one Tibetan church would be faithful and missional.  And for Guangdong, we ask for increased openness to the Gospel and the breaking of strongholds of synretism and spiritism. Lord, we pray that You would guide the people to see that economic success does not matter in eternity; that they need to think of what happens after death. Draw many of the Overseas Chinese to You and cause them to be a blessing spiritually to Guangdong. In Jesus' name, amen.

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