Monday, April 02, 2012

Prayer for Chad: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - April 2 (Day 92)

Our journey for the next 2 days takes us into the heart of unreached Africa. Chad has more unreached people groups than any other African country. The need here is great, and the laborers are faithful but few. Please read pages 205-209.

Chad isn't a nation that makes the news regularly; it's simply one that is struggling on many basic level and where 80% of the people live below the poverty line -- and keep in mind that the average income per person is $863 a year, so the poverty line is unthinkably low. Lest you think that the cost of living is probably also low, please think again; Xpatulator (a site to help assess international cost of living) ranks Chad's capital 160th out of 768 places. That means it's in the top 20% high cost-of-living locations.  This reality is compounded by Chad's recent droughts which have critically hurt the 80% of the population that depend on subsistence agriculture. And yet the people of Chad suffer in relative anonymity from the rest of the world.

Yet God has seen and heard their pain. Even here, God is at work. Freedom of religion continues to be a reality. Missionaries can openly work despite the Muslim majority. And among those Muslims - God is moving and creating worshippers for Jesus. Concentrated prayer is going on and many are open to the Gospel for the first time. Let's praise God and pray for Chad today.

My prayer for today: Lord, we praise You for Your work in Chad. We thank You, God, that You have seen the need in Chad and sought to meet that need in the best way possible -- with Yourself. Lord, thank You for the religious freedom in Chad. We pray that You would bless the leaders of Chad so that Christians can continue to share their faith and maintain Godly, quiet, and peaceful lives in the dignity of faith. We pray for Muslims who are turning to You with their questions to find deeper answers than they ever dreamed. We pray for the outreach to the unreached - we ask that every one of those people groups will be adopted and prayed over until they are reached. Lord, we do pray for conversion of key leaders so that the government can be stable and just, and corruption can be stopped. We pray for wisdom in dealing with the threats between north and south. Lord, minister as only You can in Chad. In Jesus' name, amen.

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