Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Prayer for Chile: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - April 4 (Day 94)

Today we learn about and pray for a country that has experienced much transformation over the past century. Please read about Chile on pages 210-213.

I hope you are blessed, as I am, by reading about countries like Chile where God is moving and where missionaries are going to the rest of the world! Chile is one of several countries where God is moving in strong ways, making what is sometimes called the "Global South" the strongest site of numerical growth in the global church today. We talked about it some in the earliest days of Operation World, but as you read the statistics and the prayer answers and challenges, I hope that the concept is coming alive for you. Missions teams all over the world are made up of people from diverse backgrounds - and more and more often, the westerners are the minority. Praise God for the rainbow that is His church!

My prayer for today: Lord, thank You for what You have been doing in Chile. Thank You for the transition to democracy and the stability of the state. Thank You for the great growth of evangelicals and the zeal that they have, maturing to minister to the poor and work in unity. Thank You for the missionaries they have throughout South America and Europe. Lord, we pray for Chile to completely move beyond the Pinochet regime into a place of deep forgiveness and grace. We ask that the church be equipped to model that grace. Lord, we pray for the changing social structures in Chile that are bringing some elements of moral decay. We pray for the Gospel to transform Chile's moral fiber. We pray for the Catholic church to take Scripture seriously and that Catholics would be able to renew their faith in a real and deep way. We pray for leadership development for the churches and for churches to work together with each other and with the global church. Lord, minister to the poor and guard them from false prosperity teachings.  Give the church a strong missions vision for Chile and for the world. Guide missionaries to Chile to serve the church in truly coming into its own in every way. In Jesus' name, amen. 

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