Monday, April 09, 2012

Praying for China Provinces & Municipalities Anhui, Beijing, and Chongqing: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey -April 9 (Day 100)

Today we begin praying for specific provinces of China. It's important to realize that there is much diversity within China, and we'll have the opportunity to pray for both urban and rural China, for the China that is atheist and the Muslim regions, for unreached peoples and strong Christian areas. Today, let's focus on the introductory comments on "Provinces of China" (P. 227) and Anhui, Beijing, and Chongquing (pages 228-230).

My prayer for today: Lord, we thank You for the amazing wisdom You have given the Operation World researchers to diligently prepare these province reports for us. We pray for You to use this information to fuel our prayers, and for Your Holy Spirit to light a fire in our hearts over the next couple of weeks. Today Lord, we pray for Anhui province and its needs for economic development. We thank You for the strong number of Christians here and ask that they be a part of blessing the poor in Anhui. Give them a heart for not only evangelism but for meeting tangible needs with Your love as they become Your hands and feet. We pray for unity among the churches so they can best fulfill Your purposes and for faithfulness in the face of persecution. Lord, for Beijing we pray for the leaders of China to rule in such a manner that Christians can live quiet and peaceful lives in godliness and dignity. We pray that You would raise up Christians to positions of power and influence and that they would hold firmly to You. Father, we ask for Chongqing to develop in a way that is fair for all, responsible for Your creation, and has an eye to the long-term. We pray for those displaced by the Three Gorges Dam project to encounter Christians in their "involuntary going" and find more than they ever knew they were looking for. We ask You to continue to grow the church not merely numerically, but in maturity to serve Chongqing for You glory. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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